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Parts by Number for RF Connectors Sma Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SMA-50SAG7762BRX Digi-Key Conec Connectors, Interconnects CONN SMA JACK STR EDGE MNT
SMA-50SAG6199BRX Digi-Key Conec Connectors, Interconnects CONN SMA JACK STR SOLDER
SMA-50SAG6956BRX Digi-Key Conec Connectors, Interconnects CONN SMA JACK R/A SOLDER
SMA-J-P-H-ST-TH1 Digi-Key Samtec Inc Connectors, Interconnects CONN SMA JACK STR 50 OHM SOLDER
SMA-J-P-H-RA-TH1 Digi-Key Samtec Inc Connectors, Interconnects CONN SMA JACK R/A 50 OHM PCB
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Conduct Research Top

  • RF Measurement Techniques
    The RF and microwave characteristics commonly used to define the performance of components are typically measured using a vector network analyzer. Since the packages of devices manufactured by Barry Industries, Inc. typically do not have coaxial connectors, the issue of the most appropriate
  • Optimize Your RF/MW Coaxial Connections
    of the more popular coaxial RF/microwave connectors is the subminiature Type A or SMA connector. It began life as the Bendix real miniature (BRM) connector, designed by James Cheal of Bendix Research Laboratories in 1958 and eventually becoming the SMA connector as a result of work by Omni-Spectra (now M
  • RF Testing both in the Frequency and Time Domain (.pdf)
    Analyzer Model number 8720ES (See test layout in. related. Figure #14). Fixture design starts with suitable SMA connectors on All calibration boards were entered into the network. high frequency board material. There are several mate-. analyzer and stored. The relay under test was then. rials
  • Medical Device Link .
    contacts. RF Connectors, San Diego, CA, USA. Surgical cable assemblies Preengineered coax cable assemblies include cable-jacket and flex-relief materials suitable for autoclave or low-temperature sterilization processes. The assemblies were developed to relieve product development and lead-time
  • Making a Case For a New Connector
    The emergence of quick lock connectors, particularly quick lock versions of the SMA and N connectors (QMA and QN, respectively), was an inevitable development in the RF connector industry and is of significant importance in that nearly 50% of all practical applications for RF connectors
  • A Stronger Bite for Quick Lock Technology
    Within the RF industry, replacing connectors that have a threaded interface with those that have a quick-lock coupling mechanism is a growing trend. The clearest evidence lies in the increasing number of competing quick-lock SMA (QMA) and Type N (QN) connector designs that have appeared
  • Selecting Coaxial Lightning Protectors (.pdf)
    contacts for smaller format connectors, particularly. of N, TNC or BNC and SMA configurations, must be a hardened copper alloy for maximum pulse lifetime. Low quality. protectors use soft bronze or even softer brass female sockets, which can easily be bent or loosened during assembly. or mating
  • Intro to Satellite Radio
    radio market, connecting the antenna to the RF receiver. SMB slide on connectors are the most prevalently used interface, providing a cost effective yet strong performing interface available in a wide variety of configurations. Car manufacturers use the FAKRA line of connectors, an SMB interface

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