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  • Solid State RF/Microwave Switch Technology: Part 2
    In part 1 we discussed an. overview of RF/microwave. switch topologies, PIN. diode theory of operation, and. some simple PIN diode switch. implementations. In part 2 we. will discuss more complex PIN. diode switches, the theory of. operation of RF/microwave field. effect transistors (FETs
  • Application: RF Attenuators Use Reed Relays
    various aspects of RF components. and RF circuitry. These attenuators need a switching device to switch the. various dB levels that adjust the RF signals. Since attenuators are typically. used to calibrate RF signal strength, the switching devices must be very good at. handling RF so they don’t end
  • S46 Microwave Switch System's "Just What You Need" Philosophy
    . frequency and microwave RF devices is even more demanding, where the. quality of measurement depends not only on instrumentation, but also on the. characteristics of the signal path itself. The insertion of connectors, switches,. extra cabling, and other devices into an RF circuit can introduce mismatch
  • Low Cost Switched Diversity System (.pdf)
    This paper presents a low-cost switched diversity receiver system utilizing a single tuner, simple remote antenna unit and one RF cable. The switched diversity algorithm is implemented in the receiver using digital signal processing. The remote unit contains RF switches that select from multiple
  • A152 Broadband Attenuator Relay
    . Ultraminiature electro-. Terminal view. Case ground. mechanical relays have. been used to switch A152 Construction — The A152 construction consists. RF signals for many of an all-welded hermetically sealed package. The relay. years. One common RF is RoHS compliant. The uni-frame motor design provides
  • Medical Device Link .
    into microparts of new functionality and the combination of mechanical components with optoelectronic and microfluidic devices. Bioconnect, Div. of RF Industries Inc. A touchproof lead-wire set in a ribbon cable configuration is suitable for use in such biomedical applications as electroencephalography
  • Medical Device Link .
    (or cradles) are both grounded. This way, the seal will be even all the way around the tube. On the second cycle (the press has not yet opened), the mandrel is disconnected from the RF and from the ground (i.e., is electrically neutral). Through the double-cycle RF switch, the upper die is then connected
  • Microwave Photonic Systems Corportate Capability Statement
    Brown. Purchasing and Inventory. RF Photonics. Electro-Mechanical Design. Test Article Preparation,. Control. Execution and Reporting. Richard Stewart. Michelle Smith. Eric Gretzinger. Al Switzer. Richard Majors. Technical Data Development. Micro-Electronics. Assembly and Fabrication. Calibration

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