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  • Generating Frequency Chirp Signals to Test Radar Systems (.pdf)

    Signal Generator). tests require that the pulse rise and fall time of the RF pulse is con-. This method is described as it is equally applicable to some high. trolled. This is not possible with the Option 6 Fast Pulse Modulator. performance analog signal generators such as the Aeroflex 2030. which

  • Application Example For MSK4310 Speed Controller

    will then supply the proper information to a pulse width modulator (PWM), which will chop the DC supply voltage to the motor. This chopped DC voltage will cause the motor to respond as though it were a smooth, proportional DC voltage that will either speed up, slow down or maintain a set speed, regardless

  • Phase Locked Loop Systems Design for Wireless Infrastructure Applications

    Base stations use phase locked loop (PLL) systems to generate either RF or IF local signals to up-convert. baseband signals to RF signals or vice versa. There are different ways of integrating PLL system blocks,. including voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO), based on system requirements

  • Designing Flexible Software-Defined Radio Architectures

    of the transmitter is to produce an accurately modu-. DAC. lated Radio Frequency (RF) waveform, while meeting or. LPF. exceeding regulatory and standards-based emissions require-. Digital. 0. Baseband. Synthesizer. PA. ments. Emissions requirements are defined in the form of. -90. Modulator. BPF. LPF

  • Medical Device Link .

    sensor-transceivers are smaller than pacemakers, they would not allow as much room for a battery, which would limit the available power. Conclusion The ability to combine sensors, baseband signal processing, and RF transceiver circuitry into a single integrated circuit opens up a variety of medical

  • Voltage-to-Frequency/Frequency-to-Voltage Converter

    using the voltage output of a probe, such as one of the three shown, can be economically and straightforwardly. implemented with the TC9400 V/F converter. The V/F output is simply counted to display the temperature. For long-distance data. transmission, the TC9400 can be used to modulate an RF

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  • RF Design Engineer

    Support the Radio Frequency (RF) team in designing and optimizing a network with focus on RF coverage and quality Roles and Responsibilities Create Radio Frequency (RF) Propagation, LTE/UMTS RF propagation studies and simulations. Support the new site build process by providing RF feedback wherever necessary. This includes: Creation of Technical approval packages (supported by Design and Optimization KPI), supporting the need of sites to the national team; Search ring target explanation to site acquisition contractors; Candidate assessment against coverage goals and company design KPI; Site visit and understanding of RF Quality impact of construction constraints; Construction drawings verification regarding aspects influencing ...

  • Carbon Nanotube Circuits Are Back in the Running as a Viable Material for Flexible Electronics

    For the first time a flexible CNT circuit has been doped to create a complimentary circuit

  • Circuit Express announces AS9100 certification

    Arizona based, employee owned printed circuit manufacturer offers high reliablility, quick turn, printed circuit boards.

  • Senior RF Engineer - Waveguides, Filters

    Senior RF Engineer – Waveguides / Filters – North East - £40-50K This is an exciting opportunity for a Senior RF Engineer to join an excellent in-house design team to create exciting new Microwave and mm-Wave products with an organisation based in the North East of England. The successful candidate will have proven experience developing waveguides, filters and combiners at a variety of frequencies up to 40GHz. Responsibilities will include: - New RF Product Development - RF Design of Waveguides, Filters and other active components - PCB Layout / Design - RF Test and Performance Measurements Skills: - RF Design <40GHz ...

  • Scientists Create 3-D Wiring Diagram Of Mouse Brain

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Scientists have created a detailed, three-dimensional wiring diagram of the mouse brain. That should help researchers seek clues about how the human brain works in health and disease.It''s the first brain-wide wiring diagram for a mammal at such a level of detail. While it doesn''t reveal every connection between each of the rodent''s 75 million brain cells, it shows how parts of the brain are connected.The work was described online Wednesday in the journal Nature by Hongkui Zeng and colleagues at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle.

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Avago Technologies
ACPL-798J Sigma-Delta Modulator

The ACPL-798J is a 1-bit, second-order sigma-delta modulator that oversamples an analog input signal into a high-speed data stream with galvanic isolation based on optical coupling technology. The ACPL-798J operates from a 5V power supply with dynamic range of 82dB with an appropriate digital filter. The differential inputs of ±200mV (full scale ±320mV) are ideal for direct connection to shunt resistors or other low-level signal sources in applications such as motor phase current...

Avago Technologies
ACPL-7970 Optically Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator

As the 7970 utilizes advanced sigma-delta A/D converter technology, designers can be sure that they are measuring the most accurate current from different phases of the motor. In addition to high accuracy, the 7970 also offers improved SNR/SNDR performance compared to the HCPL-7860/786J series. Other improvements include extended temperature range, 3.3V-comptible outputs and a slew rate control which helps mitigate EMI issues. In addition, using the optical method of transferring information...

AR Modular RF
Portable RF Booster Amplifier

The Model AR-55L is a portable, RF booster amplifier Tactical Radio equipment employing legacy, proprietary and emerging waveforms. The amplifiers cover the frequency band of 1.2 to 1.9GHz with high speed auto switching TR detection circuits and a low pass output filter to assure good harmonic suppression. The unit is designed for use with modern networking formats like ANW2, WNW and SRW. The amplifiers include 24V vehicle power supply Voltage Spike and noise Suppression DC line filter, RF...