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Parts by Number for RF Module Board Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ATR2406-DEV-BOARD Atmel Corporation Atmel Corporation Not Provided RF Module Development Board
P461000000RF PLC Radwell Foxboro Data Control System, DCS Module/Board/Rack MOUNTING STRUCTURE 120V 50/60HZ 100MS HOLD UP TIME
SI4755MODULE-A-EVB Digi-Key Silicon Laboratories Inc RF/IF and RFID BOARD EVAL SI4755 MODULE
ATR2406-DEV-BOARD2 Atmel Corporation Atmel Corporation Not Provided Long-Range RF Module
SST12LP20 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided SST12LP20 is a RF-matched power amplifier module based on the highly-reliable InGaP/GaAs HBT technology. This amplifier includes DC blocks and provides both input and output match to 50. Operating over the 2.4 –2.5 GHz frequency band, the amplifier typically provides 30 dB gain...
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  • DIY Module vs. AIR Module (.pdf)
    engineer or two on staff, as well as. RF experience. Just plug-and-play our SMT module. an arsenal of costly test equipment. for RF/wireless functionality right off the reel. • Multiple discrete components will be required to. • A single, self-contained module means one (yes. complete your radio, each
  • rfPIC12F675 Transmitter Module
    . GP4. The transmitter module can be removed for stand-alone. • 2 potentiometers connected to GP0 and GP1. operation. Remember to set the Pwr Sel jumper for. • RF enable (RFENIN) connected to GP5. each mode of operation (See the Power Requirements. • Data ASK (DATAASK) connected to GP2. section
  • rfRXD0420 Receiver Module
    connection can be made. For. example, a coaxial wire can be connected to the. antenna pad on the front side of the PCB and ground. pad on the back side of the PCB. PCB LAYOUT. The following figures illustrate the various layers of the. rfRXD0420 receiver module printed circuit board. GERBER FILES
  • A Small Form Factor 3-9 GHz Synthesizer Module for Use in SI Applications (.pdf)
    . above 1 MHz, the VCO’s. 1. M. Granieri, “Synthetic and signal sources for Agilent. free-running noise dominates. Instrumentation: An Emerging Technologies and Gigatronics. The module exhibits about Technology,” RF Design, Presently he is an RF and. -100 dBc/Hz phase noise at February 2004, pp. 16-25
  • The Next Big Thing For Discrete RF Semiconductors: Health Care
    ) newsletter. interrogates the implanted sensor via an RF signal, in addition to triggering a data download from the. sensor’s ASIC, the RF energy can be detected by one or more on-board Schottky diodes and converted. to stored DC energy by charging a low-leakage capacitor, thus eliminating the need
  • RF/MW Down Converter Development in a PXI Form Factor (.pdf)
    . PXI DOWN CONVERTER. Table 1, the PXI platform/architecture has a num-. CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITIES. ber of perceived shortcomings/issues in terms of: module shielding, power supply voltage availabil-. A number of RF/MW frequency translation related. ity, & cooling. PXI has made many of the same
  • Low Cost Switched Diversity System (.pdf)
    the antenna signals [6]. However, these. the signal based on the demodulator outputs. systems are more costly because of the additional RF. circuitry or the use of a separate tuner for each antenna. This interface between the receiver and remote module. Switched-diversity systems are the most
  • Multilayer Lamination Methods for PTFE-Based PCBs
    Abstract Download PDF. Strategies for Designing Microwave Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards Using Stripline Structures. TSM-DS, fastrise27, TSM-30, RF-35A2, stripline, pad registration, dimensional stability, impedance fluctuation, fusion bonding, thermal ageing, z-axis expansion, reliability

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