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Parts by Number for RF Phase Shifter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PEP3R500B AmericanMicroSemi AMS Interface ICs:Microwave/RF Switches and Attenuators:Microwave/RF Switches:Phase Shifters Interface ICs:Microwave/RF Switches and Attenuators:Microwave/RF Switches:Phase Shifters
PS088-315 Perfect Parts Corporation SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC RF/Microwave Phase Shifter 700 MHz - 1100 MHz, 85 deg - RF/MICROWAVE PHASE SHIFTER
PS094-315 Perfect Parts Corporation ALPHA INDUSTRIES INC RF/Microwave Phase Shifter 925 MHz - 960 MHz, 100 deg - RF/MICROWAVE PHASE SHIFTER

Conduct Research Top

  • Low Distortion Tunable RF Components, a Compound Semiconductor Opportunity
    , tunable filters, as well as. device parasitics in order to achieve an improved quality. adjustable “true” time delay phase shifters for smart antenna. factor and capacitance tuning range. systems. An ideal tunable RF element for these applications will. Cfix_1. VS1. V. exhibit very low loss, low
  • Design Concepts for Semiconductor based Ultra-Linear Varactor Circuits (Invited)
    an. indication of the system-level responses for linear. varactors, a varactor-based "true" time delay phase. shifter is designed and the system-level linearity. parameters, like adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR). and error vector magnitude (EVM), are evaluated for. various application conditions
  • Skyworks De-embedded Scattering Parameters
    . variable phase shifters, etc., have separate bias and/or power. supply terminals which are connected to non-RF traces. Many. of these products require DC blocking capacitors or other bias. components on their RF ports during operation. Therefore, these. components are designed
  • Generating Frequency Chirp Signals to Test Radar Systems (.pdf)
    be configured as a SSB mixer by applying. the modulation input to the I port and a 90 degree phase shifted. version of the signal to the Q input. In practice it is difficult to make. the necessary phase shifter over a broad frequency range so for. generating radar chirps it is more convenient to use
  • Cost Effective Testing with a BRIC Matrix
    probing test points on the system or by test access. points. Further multiplexers need to be used to drive the other input and output functions on the assembly, providing serial. control of the phase shifters, again testing to ensure only the addressed phase shifter changes state. The test becomes
  • TA031: GaAs X-Band Multifunction Control MMIC Using the MSAG (R) Process
    phase error less than of 2o and RMS attenuator error less than 0.3 dB. On-wafer RF screening of this 24 mm2, complex multifunction digital and microwave control MMIC resulted in an RF spec yield of over 90%...making this chip extremely desirable for low-cost solid state phased array radar T/R module
  • Trends in Microwave/Millimeter-Wave Front-End Technology
    Unique, high-performance components are utilized between the air or fiber-optic media interface and baseband/digital signal processing functions. TriQuint and other suppliers have developed power amplifiers, filters, duplexers, switches, phase shifters, and frequency conversion components
  • Introduction to Digital and Vector Modulation (.pdf)
    phase shifter, two mixers and an RF. spectrum efficiency and better transmission quality. summing junction to generate the required arbitrary phase and. Better spectrum efficiency than analog systems is provided not. amplitude of RF signal. The two mixers are operated as amplitude. because