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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ACM20-2-AC1-R-F-C Newark / element14 MURATA Not Provided MURATA - ACM20-2-AC1-R-F-C - AC POWER METER; 85VAC to 264VAC
ACM20-5-AC1-R-F-C Newark / element14 DATEL Not Provided DATEL - ACM20-5-AC1-R-F-C - POWER METER
ACM20-4-AC1-R-F-C Newark / element14 DATEL Not Provided DATEL - ACM20-4-AC1-R-F-C - POWER METER
ACM20-4-AC1-R-F-C Digi-Key Murata Power Solutions Inc Industrial Controls, Meters METER AC POWER 100A W/FREQ READ
ACM20-5-AC1-R-F-C Digi-Key Murata Power Solutions Inc Industrial Controls, Meters AC POWER METER 32A FREQUENCY
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  • Understanding In-Line RF Power Measurements
    requires probable accuracy of the meter being used. This article describes two commonly used methods of detecting rf power and the implications of using those methods in a plasma system environment. The descriptions for these two detection methods apply to both an rf generator's internal power
  • RF Related Conversions
    , the resistance of 50 used above reflects that RF systems are matched to 50W. Since RF systems use decibels referenced from 1 mW, the corresponding voltage increase for every 1 mW power increase can be calculated with another form of Ohm's law:. A.H. Systems - RF Related Conversions. 9710 Cozycroft Ave
  • RF Probe Calibration
    long. Has. flat gain response over Freq. Range and numerical gain is. typically around 3 to 4. 21. Standard Gain Horns used to generate Standard Field. This. setup is from 18 to 26.5 GHz. Waveguide Directional. Couplers are used to detect Forward and Reflected power. using HP RF Power Sensors. 22
  • Panel Meters
    , 3/16 & ¼. Electrical Signal (V, A, Hz). DIN, 6 " edgewise, 4½ & 8¾” square switchboard. or Sensor (TC, RTD, RPM). Typical accuracy: 1-2% of reading DC, 2-3% AC. 2nd Input on W, VA, PF. Simple installation: No setup, no external power required. & Synchro Meters. No RF emissions and low EMI
  • Accurate Power Measurements Using Spectrum Analyzers (.pdf)
    , measuring the X dB bandwidth of a system. generated signals difficult to measure using standard. - Adjacent Channel Power, measuring the channel power. methods, and quite impossible with RF power meters. and the difference between channel power and adja-. when interferers or other channels are present
  • Selecting Antenna/Power Amplifier Combinations for the Coming New RF Immunity Standards
    is that the antenna/amplifier combination generates the necessary RF field strength over the specified frequency range. A field strength of 10 V/m at a distance of 1 meter will be used in this example. (The exercise can be repeated for different field strengths and distances as required). Sufficient power margin
  • Modern Electronics Meet Turbine Meters
    meter (Figure 2). Figure 2. Cutaway view of a typical, axially-mounted turbine meter. Either a magnetic or modulated carrier (RF) pickoff can be used to sense the rotation of the turbine rotor and provide an electrical output that is proportional to the flow rate. The RF pickoff extends the low flow
  • The Most Common Power Meter Mistake (.pdf)
    At least 50% of all power meter users make this mistake. It has happened to you. You measured an RF power level and later someone said, "...but I measured the power and got a different number." Who was right? Measuring RF power appears easy. Modern wattmeters and power meters are simple to use

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