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DM240311 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided temperature sensors, electronic door locks, metering sensors, remote controls, security sensors, smart cards, and energy harvesting. The PICtail ™ interface supports Microchip ’s extensive line of daughter cards for easy evaluation of your next low power application. This low cost board...

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  • Decoding an Infrared Remote Using a PIC16C5X Microcontroller
    For many years the consumer electronics industry has been employing infrared remote controls for the control of televisions, VCR?s, and cable boxes. This same tech-nology has recently started to appear in industrial applications to eliminate keypads. Decoding most of the infrared signals can
  • Embedded Internet: How a fundamental choice in modem architecture determines the effectiveness of remote management and monitoring systems
    implemented a remote measurement system. monitoring sewage and stormwater flows through sewers operated by the city’s Office of Watershed. Protection. Working with Multi-Tech, the City of Atlanta developed a string of AT commands that allow. the sewerage system’s control software to communicate
  • Interfacing a KEELOQ (R) Encoder to a PLL Circuit
    remote control market a. operate in the ASK and FSK modulation modes. The. PLL circuit was considered an expensive alternative to. two modes are exclusive and pose different require-. the standard single stage transmitter, which are typi-. ments in terms of timing for the signals to reach the. cally
  • An Introduction to KEELOQ Code Hopping
    Systems. enabling anybody to build a simple receiver that can. Remote control via RF or IR is popular for many appli-. receive signals from all such transmitters. cations, including vehicle alarms and automatic garage. It is a simple matter to build a circuit to record such. doors. Conventional
  • Wireless Home Security Implementing KEELOQ (R) and the PICmicro (R) Microcontroller
    be thief. system. This design implements an HCS200 encoder. on systems with limited number of possible code com-. for the intruder sensor signal encryption, one. binations which are found in quite a number of remote. PIC12C508A PICmicro® for sensor monitoring and RF. control systems. Patience, time
  • Designing an FCC Approved ASK rfPIC TM Transmitter
    an associated inductance. At high fre-. Completely understanding RF is complex, so the key is. quencies this inductance has a considerable influence. to learn what level of detail is enough to accomplish. on the circuit. The rule of thumb is that every inch of a. your task. 40 mil wide trace is about
  • Medical Device Link .
    regularly timed basis with a suitably equipped remote location, such as a nurses ' station. MICS is set to completely replace magnetic-inductive coupling techniques, thereby providing faster data transfer and longer range in pacemaker and defibrillator applications. Magnetic-inductive coupling supports
  • rfPIC12F675 Transmitter Module
    The rfPIC12F675 is a low cost, high performance UHF short-range radio ASK transmitter design using Microchip?s rfPIC12F675K for 315 MHz and rfPIC12F675F for 433.92 MHz. The module design is suitable for: Wireless remote command and control Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Security systems Low power

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