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  • EDACS Repeater Testing Using the IFR 2945B Communications Service Monitor (.pdf)
    panel of the test set will be used for RF input and out-. put. For simplicity, we’ll start with off-air tests, so this should be. set to [BNC out ANT in]. If the RF signal is very strong, such as the. An ‘eye’ diagram produced off-air from an EDACS control. area immediately around a repeater
  • Tactical RF Photonic Communications: Increased Separation Distances Between Personnel and Deployed Antenna Assets (.pdf)
    in the identification and imple-. • Coaxial Copper Cable Distance. experience with High Reliability and Mission. mentation of system design optimization. Limitations. Critical systems to provide products for RF. • Infrastructure Costs for Repeaters. radio in-building network communications,. MPS’s ongoing investment
  • Ruggedized RF Photonic Systems Achieve Battlefield SWaP Objectives
    , susceptibility to field damage of bulky and heavy equipment, and higher infrastructure costs for the required support equipment such as amplifiers, slope equalizers and repeater substations. This increased logistical footprint limits the flexibility of a tactical unit already plagued by SWaP requirements
  • Monitor and Record Signal Strength and Position
    transmitters in appropriate positions on the train and rigged the train with aerials and radios. The dataTaker DT800 monitored and recorded the signal strength from the radios recording RF dead spots at the same time it was recording the position from the GPS. The data string from the GPS unit
  • Microwave Photonic Systems Corportate Capability Statement
    , telecom, SATCOM and wireless products. RF and Fiber Optic Interface Design, Development and Manufacture: RF, fiber optic, photonic product designs span DC to 40 GHz. Analog, Digital, and Mixed Signal Micro-Electronic Design and Manufacture: embedded processors, power supplies, digital interfaces
  • Optical Fiber Waveguides Augment C4ISR Networks
    success, can leverage the size, weight and power (sWaP) improvements within the cOTs marketplace to modernize c4isr architectures across the battlespace. RF Photonic System Operational Benefits. Optical Fiber Waveguides (OFW®) have been continually evolving within critical defense c4isr systems
  • Remote Communication with a Train via GPS
    stick support for easy data and program transfer. Personnel also installed UHF and mid-band transmitters and rigged the train with aerials and radios. The dataTaker monitored and recorded the signal strength from the radios recording RF dead spots. The Garmin GPS was connected to the DT85 serial sensor
  • Remote Control Technology, Inc. Makes Wireless Pump Control Easy
    the pump and the tank which prevented both landline and conventional RF line-of-sight control, " he recalled. Since Remote Control Technology 's Wireless Switch Systems use a 27 MHz radio frequency and does not require direct line-of-sight like most other control and telemetry prducts, Scott did