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  • Chapter 10: Inelastic Response Under Combined Bending and Tension On GlobalSpec
    They are also known as rotating couplers and RF rotary joints., offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations to other tubing sections, pipe, hose , and other fluid...
    ...the probe essentially complete, it was necessary to add a potentiometer to the rotary feedthrough in order... Finally, a hose was connected to the differential pump port of the Wilson seal and the hose... All measurements presented in this chapter were made on RF -produced plasmas. The problem was that the side probe would break off between the metal coupler box and supporting...
  • Cryostat for testing RF power couplers
    ...a single stainless steel bellows the rather sophisticated mounting system of the power coupler to the top... This mounting system allows the motions required for RF tuning of the coupler to the TESLA cavities... ...set of Gl 1CR fiberglass-epoxy rods. the LHe transfer lines, LN2 lines, rotary Pairs of these... Since thick frosted coating on these lines was not a concern, “Hytron�? thermoplastic hoses (manufactured by Imperial...
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    The Bourns® Model AMM20B is a multi-turn, noncontacting rotary position sensor that features a rotational life... The patented design eliminates the need for couplers , adapters, belts, and gears, and allows for re-lubrication... Envelope Tracking and Digital Pre-Distortion Test Solution for RF Amplifiers Tubing & Hose Buying Tips .
  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Department of Defense > Department of the Air Force > Directives > 91 - Safety > [FDBKF2005051016462980531] Afoshstd91-501 - Air...
    ...Equipment psi—Pounds Per Square Inch psig—Pounds Per Square Inch Guage RAC—Risk Assessment Code RF —Radiofrequency RPIE—Real Property... connected, transmits rotary motion from the driving to the driven member. ...a shower with an eye and face wash or eyewash or with a drench hose , or both. Coupler —A device for locking together the parts of a tubular metal scaffold; designed and used to...