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Engineering Reference Materials for RF Schematics
  • RF Switching

    The primary reasons for using vacuum relays in RF applications are their exceptional insulating qualities and their low RF contact resistance-as low as .03 ohms at 30 MHz. This low RF resistance remains stable throughout the service life of the relay because of the advantages provided by the vacuum

  • RF Related Conversions

    , the resistance of 50 used above reflects that RF systems are matched to 50W. Since RF systems use decibels referenced from 1 mW, the corresponding voltage increase for every 1 mW power increase can be calculated with another form of Ohm's law:. A.H. Systems - RF Related Conversions. 9710 Cozycroft Ave

  • Evaluation of RF Testing

    Transmission Line and Antenna Testing has become a common test of RF network integrity over the past few years. This relatively new testing methodology is a result of new test equipment evolutions and the need to fully understand the integrity of RF networks after installation. While common today

  • RF Probe Calibration

    Introduction: The calibration of RF Field. Probes is a complex process. Characterization is. a more correct term to use than calibration. The. probe must be properly characterized to reflect. how the end user uses his/her probe in their. measurement program. Differences as much as. +/- 6dB can

  • RF Measurement Techniques

    The RF and microwave characteristics commonly used to define the performance of components are typically measured using a vector network analyzer. Since the packages of devices manufactured by Barry Industries, Inc. typically do not have coaxial connectors, the issue of the most appropriate

  • Discrete RF Semiconductors: Alive and Well

    Commercial RF/microwave integrated circuits (RFICs) were establishing a credible toehold. at the time, to the extent that the prevailing conventional wisdom held that discrete. RF semiconductors were on a sure, quick path to obsolescence. My gut reaction told. me that my new assignment had placed

Discussions about RF Schematics
  • Re: Commercial Radio Station Being Picked Up On 447.2375 MHz

    Joshi, perhaps you can explain to us how you would tell the difference between the feed and the broadcast signal, especially since they are identical except for the carrier frequency, power level and a few microseconds of delay as the signal is amped up to broadcast levels. And let's rule out...

  • Re: Surge Arrester

    What kind of transmitter? RF, hardwired, bit rate, signal frequency. Ya think the signal edge has been affected? How? Did you use any test equipment to measure the effects. Can you show a schematic diagram of the transmitter, and receiver circuits. What type of surge arrester, silicon, RTV. What is...

  • Re: RC car circuit

    When your car turns either way, the two motors have an oposite polarity to one another. Find the transistor outputs from the RF decoder that control the motors and XORthem; use the gate output to control a PWM before the DC BUS (e.g. 1=30%, 0=100%). You'll need basic skills in electronics.

  • Re: Wireless remote level control

    How about a laser pointer aimed at a sensor (since you have a clear line of sight)? It potentially could be a lot cheaper than an RF system. If interested, I'll whip out a schematic . . .

  • Re: Sine-wave Light Dimmer

    cnpower I too have an interest in a sine wave controller which would reduce or eliminate RF harmonic interference and hash. May I also have a copy of the circuit schematic you mention? Lonnie...

  • Re: Crystal oscillator problem

    Bread boarding HF is difficult. Typically you can use blank copper clad PC board as a ground plane and then apply or glue strips or pieces of the same PCB to solder components to. We did this type of bread boarding with a lot of RF stuff. We simulate everything in LTSpice (its free from Linear Tech...

News about RF Schematics
  • RF Design Engineer - LTE

    RF Design Engineer - LTE - Weybridge - Base Stations - Micro cells An amazing opportunity has been announced for a Senior RF Design Engineer to join a fast paced and well funded start-up based in Weybridge. The team are developing LTE telecommunications communications base stations and Microcells. This is targeted at an experienced RF Design Engineer who has a minimum of 4 years working with base station RF design, ideally with small cell systems. Required Skills: - RF Design - LTE - Base station background Desired Skills: - Low power Base stations - High volume Manufacturing For more information or ...

  • RF Antenna Engineer

    Senior RF Antenna Engineer - Satcoms rn rnA great opportunity for a skilled RF Antenna Engineer with a broad background in various small form and large satellite antennas to join an established antenna design and manufacturer based in the London area. rn rnResponsibilities will include: rn- RF Design rn- PCB Layout rn- Antenna Simulation rn- Antenna Design rn rnRequired Skills: rn- Degree qualified rn- HFSS rn rnDesired Skills: rn- MIMO rn- Antenna Arrays rn- Beam Forming Antennas rn- Smart Antennas rn- Knowledge of Antenna Manufacturing rn rnFor more information or to apply please contact Chris Moffatt. rn rn rn rnIC Resources ...

  • International Sales Manager

    International Sales Manager - RF Products - M5 Corridor rn rn My client is a manufacturer of RF components and systems, with a key focus on the defence and broadcast markets. They\''re currently looking for an International Sales Manager to oversee direct and distribution sales across a handful of countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. rn rnThey\''re not necessarily looking for an RF \''expert\'', but this person must have the following: rn rn- A network within the defence and/or broadcast segment rn- Experience working across time zones rn- The temperament to deal with the fast paced nature of \''high volume\'' component ...

  • NI Announces New Wave of Software-Designed Instruments

    AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--This paradigm shift redefines the capability of oscilloscopes, RF signal analyzers and high-speed serial instruments.

  • NI Lowers Semiconductor ATE Cost with PXI-Based Test Systems

    AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--This open, platform-based approach combines modular instrumentation and system design software for RF and mixed-signal production test.

Product Announcements for RF Schematics
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
RF Connectors

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is your reliable resource for high-performance RF/microwave connectors designed for military/aerospace, instrumentation and wireless infrastructure markets. Vertical integration and extensive manufacturing capabilities ensure that quality, always the primary consideration and on-time delivery are never compromised. Carlisle IT provides in-process testing to measure characteristic impedance, capacitance, dielectric withstanding voltage and time delay mismatch...

Triad Magnetics
Custom RF Transformers

Triad Magnetics manufactures custom RF transformers to match your specifications including designs for LAN, ISDN, xDSL, VOIP and other data applications.

Magnetic Communication Corp.
RF Chip Inductor_

RF Chip Inductor 0402 ~ 1210 size and inductance values range from 1nH to 47000nH with 2% tolerance.