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Engineering Reference Materials for RF Schematics
  • RF Switching

    The primary reasons for using vacuum relays in RF applications are their exceptional insulating qualities and their low RF contact resistance-as low as .03 ohms at 30 MHz. This low RF resistance remains stable throughout the service life of the relay because of the advantages provided by the vacuum

  • AN-00100 - RF 101: Information for the RF Challenged

    This application note goes to great lengths to. remove the mysteries of RF. The science of RF is unlike any other area of discipline in electronics. Proficient RF design requires. sophisticated test equipment, years of experience,lots of money, and a big smile from Above.Fortunately, while actual

  • Switchmode RF Power Amplifiers

    Switchmode RF Power Amplifiers. Switching mode RF amplifiers have become a hot area of RF/wireless design. This book explores both the theory behind switching mode RF amplifiers and design techniques for them.

  • RF Power Amplifiers

    RF Power Amplifiers. In this comprehensive reference, the author presents a full account of RF amplifiers and shows that understanding large-signal RF circuits is simply a matter of understanding the basic principles and their applications.

  • Silicon RF Power MOSFETS

    Silicon RF Power MOSFETS. Providing general guidelines for understanding the design and operation of the transistors, this book describes the physics, design considerations and RF performance of silicon power MOSFETs.

  • Introduction to RF Stealth

    Introduction to RF Stealth. Providing a new generation of designers with a firm and proven basis for new developments, this book presents and explains first order methods for the design of active and passive stealth properties.

Discussions about RF Schematics
  • Re: Commercial Radio Station Being Picked Up On 447.2375 MHz

    Joshi, perhaps you can explain to us how you would tell the difference between the feed and the broadcast signal, especially since they are identical except for the carrier frequency, power level and a few microseconds of delay as the signal is amped up to broadcast levels. And let's rule out...

  • Re: Surge Arrester

    What kind of transmitter? RF, hardwired, bit rate, signal frequency. Ya think the signal edge has been affected? How? Did you use any test equipment to measure the effects. Can you show a schematic diagram of the transmitter, and receiver circuits. What type of surge arrester, silicon, RTV. What is...

  • Re: RC car circuit

    When your car turns either way, the two motors have an oposite polarity to one another. Find the transistor outputs from the RF decoder that control the motors and XORthem; use the gate output to control a PWM before the DC BUS (e.g. 1=30%, 0=100%). You'll need basic skills in electronics.

  • Re: Wireless remote level control

    How about a laser pointer aimed at a sensor (since you have a clear line of sight)? It potentially could be a lot cheaper than an RF system. If interested, I'll whip out a schematic . . .

  • Re: Sine-wave Light Dimmer

    cnpower I too have an interest in a sine wave controller which would reduce or eliminate RF harmonic interference and hash. May I also have a copy of the circuit schematic you mention? lshurtle@juno.com Lonnie...

  • Re: Crystal oscillator problem

    Bread boarding HF is difficult. Typically you can use blank copper clad PC board as a ground plane and then apply or glue strips or pieces of the same PCB to solder components to. We did this type of bread boarding with a lot of RF stuff. We simulate everything in LTSpice (its free from Linear Tech...

News about RF Schematics
  • Research and Markets: Global RF Amplifier Industry Report 2015 - Forecasts to 2020: Development Trends & Competitive Landscape Analysis

    DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/n7npsl/global_rf) has announced the addition of the "Global RF Amplifier Industry Report 2015" report to their offering. The Global RF Amplifier Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the RF amplifier industry. The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. The RF amplifier ma

  • NOTE Divests Mechanical Unit in J?rf?lla

    DANDERYD, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regulatory News: NOTE (STO:NOTE)?has sold its mechanical business in J?rf?lla, Sweden. Buyer is Stockholm based Larsson Finmekaniska AB, already a cooperation partner to NOTE. NOTE J?rf?lla AB's sales in 2014 amounted to approximately SEK 13 m and the number of employees is 18. "The sales of our mechanical production unit in J?rf?lla strengthens our focus in Sweden towards electronics manufacturing, logistics and final assembly of complete products (box build)

  • 4017 & 555 Police LED Lights Project (noob question)

    hello, i am assigned to create a physical project starting from the schematics on the left side. my teacher told me that the schematic is incomplete, so the first step is to corect it and then use pads and then send the gerber files to a company to create it. i started reserching it and every schem

  • Iterative multi-channel radio frequency pulse calibration with improving B 1 field uniformity in high field MRI

    Background: In high field MRI capable of multi-channel radio frequency (RF) transmission, B 1 shimming is a time-consuming job because conventional B 1 shimming techniques require B 1 mapping for each channel. After acquiring the complex-numbered B 1 field maps, the optimal amplitude and phase of the driving RF pulse are determined for each channel to maximize the B 1 field uniformity in conventional B 1 shimming. However, time-consuming B 1 shimming procedures at the pre-scan may not be tolerated in the clinical imaging in which patient throughput is one of the important factors. Methods: To avoid the time-consuming B 1 mapping, the first spin echo and the stimulated echo were repeatedly acquired in the slice-selective stimulated echo sequence without imaging gradients. A cost function of the amplitudes and phases of the driving RF pulse for every channel was defined in a way that the ratio between the spin echo and stimulated echo amplitudes rapidly converged to ??2. The amplitude and phase of the driving RF pulse were iteratively modified over the repeating RF pulse sequence so that the cost function was minimized. Results: From the finite-difference-time-domain (FDTD) electromagnetic field simulations with a human body model placed in a birdcage coil operating at 3?T, it was observed that the RF pulse calibration with iterative cost function minimization can give improvement of B1 field uniformity as well as flip-angle calibration. The experiments at 3?T also showed improvement of RF field uniformity in the phantom imaging studies. Conclusions: Since the proposed RF pulse calibration is not based on B 1 mapping, the RF pulse calibration time could be much shorter than the B 1-mapping based methods. The proposed method is expected to be a practical substitute for the B 1-mapping-based B 1 shimming methods when long pre-scan time is not tolerable.

  • Is RF Radiation More Dangerous Than We Think?

    Wireless devices, like cell phones, generate RF electromagnetic fields that are classified as class 2B carcinogens by the World Health Organization (WHO). New analysis, published by RF Globalnet, shows that children are particularly susceptible to this kind of radiation because they absorb more

Product Announcements for RF Schematics
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
RF Connectors

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is your reliable resource for high-performance RF/microwave connectors designed for military/aerospace, instrumentation and wireless infrastructure markets. Vertical integration and extensive manufacturing capabilities ensure that quality, always the primary consideration and on-time delivery are never compromised. Carlisle IT provides in-process testing to measure characteristic impedance, capacitance, dielectric withstanding voltage and time delay mismatch...

Triad Magnetics
Custom RF Transformers

Triad Magnetics manufactures custom RF transformers to match your specifications including designs for LAN, ISDN, xDSL, VOIP and other data applications.

inTEST Thermal Solutions
Chamber for RF Testing

Characterizing RF Components at Temperature. Polycarbonate chamber   designed  for -25 to +75 °C temperature characterization of RF (Wifi, Bluetooth) components with minimal signal attenuation. The hood-style RF chamber uses a portable ThermoStream air forcing system as the temperature source for rapid (up to 18 °C/sec) and accurate thermal cycling.    . View other ThermoStream Applications.