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  • Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics, 5th Edition > Transducers, Sensors, Location, and Navigation
    A capacitive proximity sensor uses an RF oscillator, a frequency detector , and a metal plate connected into the oscillator, as shown in Fig. 30-9.
  • IoT architecture to enable intercommunication through REST API and UPnP using IP, ZigBee and arduino
    � RFID reader, flame fire detector, key switch sensor, infrared obstacle avoidance sensor, gyroscope sensor, accelerometer sensor, alcohol sensor, sound detector, magnetic detector, tilt sensor, speed detector, GPS localization, metal proximity sensor , motion detector , vibration detector, light color identification, RF link receiver, etc.
  • Performance of the LHCb Vertex Locator
    Due to the proximity of the silicon sensors (? 1 mm) to the 1 m long corrugated RF foil, and the insertion procedure of the detector halves into the RF foil relying purely on the manufacturing and assembly tolerances, it was necessary �
  • Trends in Intelligent Systems and Computer Engineering
    In our basic model, a drone has an array of near-range proximity sensors (possibly ultrasonic), a low-range wireless transmitter/receiver (possibly RF ), differential locomotion (i.e., tracks), a simple microcontroller, a mine detector , a digital compass, and an attraction beacon (possibly �
  • 13th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering
    Noise in the working environment can be from various sources such as from power line, high frequency RF fields, background luminance in case of certain optical sensors , coupling schemes and the interference � � vices which are in close proximity to the sensors. Noise components associated with the electronic detector circuit and system electronics have been discussed in detail by �
    RTD : Resistance Temperature Detector , RF : Radio Frequency, Y: Yes, N: No, D: Development , R: Research, A: Advancement) GCCM : Generator Core Condition Monitor Sensors : Proximity Probe, Keyphasor .
  • ZnTe electro-optic electric field sensor
    The small size of these sensors makes them interesting solution for embedded detectors inside electronics packages providing measurements of energy coupled into the structures or as early warning rf detectors. Their close proximity to other electronics is not an interference issue because of the all-dielectric composition �
  • Integrated Microsensors for Autonomous Microrobots
    Several possible devices to be considered in this class included, for example, micro-GPS, magnetometers, ultrasonic or optical detector systems (for proximity detection/obstacle avoidance), and single-chip RF transceivers. Among these physical sensors and communication devices, a number of possibilities in this class were considered, but �