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  • Converting User-Defined IQ Data Files For Use With The IFR 3410 Series Digital RF Signal Generator (.pdf)

    included. Converting user-defined IQ data files for use with the IFR 3410 Series Digita RF Signal Generator Application. Note. Converting user-defined IQ data files. for use with the IFR 3410 Series Digital. RF Signal Generator. is a powerful software tool that provides all the. necessary features

  • Understanding Your Signal Generator Output Specification (.pdf)

    explains some of the common. difficulties that are encountered in real life conditions. Signal Generator Output System. The RF output system of a signal generator varies considerably. according to the type of generator and the preferred architectures. favored by different manufacturers

  • GSM Testing Using the 2026 Family Signal Generators with Option 116 (.pdf)

    (and spurious). manufacturing elements. introduced by the data source declines until it reaches the limits. of the RF processing system in the signal generator. The net result. Testing with Option 116. is a noise performance that is hard for a conventional IQ signal. Option 116 on 2026 is an ideal way

  • Generating Frequency Chirp Signals to Test Radar Systems (.pdf)

    Signal Generator). tests require that the pulse rise and fall time of the RF pulse is con-. This method is described as it is equally applicable to some high. trolled. This is not possible with the Option 6 Fast Pulse Modulator. performance analog signal generators such as the Aeroflex 2030. which

  • A New Breed of VXIbus Microwave Signal Generator Architecture (.pdf)

    , and Direct Digital Synthesis. is completely arbitrary and only limited. tested by legacy RF stimulus generators. (DDS)[1]. by the user’s imagination. However, DDS. due to their limited/fixed signal modula-. technology is not without its limitations;. tion capabilities. Frequency synthesizers

  • Understanding In-Line RF Power Measurements

    of components that provide an rf voltage sample summed with an rf current sample, and then turned into a dc signal or "peak-detected " with a diode. Figure 2 illustrates the operation of forward and reflected diode peak-detector circuits. For the forward case, voltage and current samples are summed to produce

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  • Re: Commercial Radio Station Being Picked Up On 447.2375 MHz

    Joshi, perhaps you can explain to us how you would tell the difference between the feed and the broadcast signal, especially since they are identical except for the carrier frequency, power level and a few microseconds of delay as the signal is amped up to broadcast levels. And let's rule out...

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  • Junior / Graduate RF Engineer

    Junior / Graduate RF Engineer rn rnOur client, based in Leeds requires a Junior RF Design Engineer to join their team working on new wireless modules. rn rnThis is a superb opportunity for graduates with an interest and experience in RF electronics to advance within the wireless industry. The role is to design, simulate and develop new products and modules for wireless communication technologies. A strong knowledge of PA Design for LTE communications is desired. rn rnThe ideal candidates will have knowledge of: rnRF Design, PA Design, Receivers, Transmitters, RF PCB layout techniques, RF simulation tools, Schematic capture and RF Systems ...

  • Generator Safety

    Hello everyone, In parallel connected generators,individual generator is protected from over current, reversepower,wndg temperature and so on by isolating the same generator by its directly connected circuit breaker. If by any means generator wndg is shorted or earthed inside the generator or befor

  • AMS, Dialog Confirm Merger Talks

    Mixed-signal, power, and RF chip companies AMS AG and Dialog Semiconductor plc have announced that they are in discussions over a possible merger.

  • Analog Devices Completes Acquisition of Hittite

    NORWOOD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) today announced it has completed its acquisition of Hittite Microwave Corporation in an all-cash transaction at a purchase price of $78 per share, reflecting a total enterprise value of approximately $2 billion. "ADI's portfolio now spans the entire frequency spectrum of RF, microwave, and millimeter wave," said Vincent Roche, ADI President and CEO. "Complemented by our world class signal processing franchise, we believe our cu

  • Dawn of Direct RF Sampling

    Whether you are working with industrial instrumentation or aerospace controls, ensuring signal acquisition in congested RF environments can be challenging. Direct sampling, however, provides a way around impediments like noise and interference. The AD9625 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) from A

Product Announcements for RF Signal Generator Schematic
ValueTronics International, Inc.
Agilent N5162A Vector Signal Generator

The Agilent N5162A MXG ATE RF signal generator provides the same industry-leading performance, reliability, and form factor (2RU) of the popular N5182A MXG. This signal generator has been streamlined for automated test equipment (ATE) needs with the removal of the front-panel display and all connectors relocated to the rear panel for convenient and secure rack configurations. Combining the outstanding MXG performance with a base price reduction over the N5182A MXG signal generator, makes...

National Instruments
The World's First Vector Signal Transceiver

NI vector signal transceivers (VSTs) combine a vector signal analyzer and vector signal generator with a user-programmable FPGA for real-time signal processing and control. Built on the NI LabVIEW RIO architecture, it delivers programming flexibility and cutting-edge RF hardware to meet the most challenging RF applications.

ValueTronics International, Inc.
Agilent 70905B 22 GHz RF Section (Refurbished)

flatness. When unpreselected, an automatic signal identification routine returns the frequency of an unknown signal. Simply place a marker on a signal response. The 321.4 MHz output and input are available when the module is tuned above 2.7 GHz. This provides an unpreselected signal which can be demodulated or detected. The first LO auxiliary output allows operation with tracking generators and external mixer interface modules.  . Price: $3650...