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Parts by Number for RF Software Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
AISC-1008-6R8J-T Mouser Electronics, Inc. Abracon Corporation RF Inductors 1 ELEMENT, 6.8 uH, FERRITE-CORE, GENERAL PURPOSE INDUCTOR, SMD
3094-333GS   API Delevan, Inc. RF Inductors 1 ELEMENT, 33 uH, IRON-CORE, GENERAL PURPOSE INDUCTOR, SMD
4302-271F   API Delevan, Inc. RF Inductors 1 ELEMENT, 0.27 uH, IRON-CORE, GENERAL PURPOSE INDUCTOR, SMD
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Conduct Research Top

  • RF and Baseband Techniques for Software Defined Radio
    RF and Baseband Techniques for Software Defined Radio. Offering a thorough view of RF and analogue hardware and systems design aspects, this book delves into the architecture of transmitters and receivers that make software defined radio a reality for handset and infrastructure applications
  • RF Phase Tracking
    A customer must design a system to implement a typical RFapplication. The requirement is to measure and track the phase differences between two signals received by two separate RF. Page Not Found | GaGe. This site requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload this page
  • Solid State RF/Microwave Switch Technology: Part 2
    that has many advan-. quencies is predictable and should con- tages which will be discussed later. The next. form closely to the design equations. RF/ step is to DC block the RF source and drain. microwave modeling software can perform ports using a capacitor with adequately. exacting simulations
  • The Next Big Thing For Discrete RF Semiconductors: Health Care
    and technology are. already in development. Microsoft Word - Skyworks-Column4-05-18-10.doc. The Next Big Thing For Discrete RF. Semiconductors: Health Care. By Rick Cory, Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Literature and popular culture abound with predictions: “voice recognition software will make computer
  • A Flexible Family of PXI RF/MW Downconverter Modules (.pdf)
    This paper is in support of a recent Small Business. Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase II development effort. The. objective of the effort was to design and develop a family of Radio. Frequency (RF) and Microwave(MW)Down Converter modules in a. small form factor called PXI(PCI Extension
  • RF/MW Down Converter Development in a PXI Form Factor (.pdf)
    technology in the. be more easily processed by instrumentation. context of a RF/MW SI application. The paper. software for test and /or diagnostic purposes. The. then describes the technical objectives of the. purpose and scope of this research was to assess. Phase I research and the associated
  • Selecting Antenna/Power Amplifier Combinations for the Coming New RF Immunity Standards
    CONSIDERATIONS. RF immunity testing is done under the control of an automatic test system (ATE). A. button is pressed, and the product is subjected to a specific RF field strength (say 10 volts per meter) for a fixed dwell time and over a series of predetermined spot frequencies. The ATE software program
  • Improving Measurement Accuracy for High Frequency RF Connectors
    a complex algorithm generated by the analyzer’s software. Swap Equal Adapters Method. This is the preferred method for RF Precision Products’ technical staff. It is by far the easiest to do and is also very accurate. It requires you to set up as if you were measuring for a non-insertable device, calibrate

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