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  • Intermodulation Distortion in Programmable Attenuators
    . Intermodulation Distortion in Programmable Attenuators.... Weinschel has been a major supplier of However, their slow switch speed, in the order of millisec-. programmable attenuators to the RF industry for over. onds, and short switch life in the order of 5-10 million cycles. 30 years. Historically
  • Tackling Multi-Bit Attenuator Designs
    Designing an accurate digital step attenuator (DSA) with outstanding RF/microwave performance requires careful attention to detail and knowledge of semiconductor process variables.
  • A Flexible Family of PXI RF/MW Downconverter Modules (.pdf)
    band. 1KHz offset from the LO carrier signal is > -90 dBc. These with a single RF input port. The module contains a 70 dB (10. signal attributes are especially critical in surveillance and dB/step) attenuator; this module attribute facilitates a. threat monitoring/simulation test and measurement
  • Mixed Mode Silicon-on-Insulator MMIC Technology For Digitally Controlled RF/Microwave Systems (.pdf)
    Mode SOI. SIP / SOC. RF Port Input Power (dBm). Figure 5. Double balanced mixer Pin vs Pout Figure 6. Mixmode integration savings. Figures 7, 8. Using SOI, a digital interface and mixed mode layout is currently under development. for a 5 bit variable attenuator for applications up to 3GHz. + 2.4
  • Microwave or RF Amplifier Test Setup (.pdf)
    , a Pad or Step Attenuator may be used to reduce. maximum power from the amplifier to less than + 20 dBm. The output power may also be routed from. the Power Meter to the input of a computer via an IEEE-488 interface or an RS-232C Serial Port. • Any anomalies of the swept power input or power output
  • Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer-Part 3: From Sketch to Product (.pdf)
    . preferably placed after the RF ampli-. 20. High Frequency Electronics. High Frequency Design. SYNTHESIZER DESIGN. also reduce the device lifetime. Putting a small fixed attenuator. between the VCO and amplifier. allows us to keep the amplifier slight-. ly compressed (but not oversaturated). and also
  • Theory and Proposed Method for Determining Large Signal Return Loss or "Hot S22" for Power Amplifiers Using Phase Information
    be small and difficult to measure in order to have. maz. accurate results. Therefore, it is suggested to use a small attenuator (e.g. 1 dB to 3 dB). between the PA and the phase tuner. 3. Test Method: Step 1: Connect the PA as illustrated in Figure 7 using a 50 Ohms load at the output of a. bidirectional
  • Novel Approach Yields Fast, Clean Synthesizers (.pdf)
    ),. by utilizing an ultra-low-noise reference. a built-in attenuator and digital-to-. this new technology makes a radical. OCXO as well as very wide (a few MHz). analog converter (DAC). The synthesizer. step by completely removing the divider. loop bandwidth. Thus, the synthesizer. also includes

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