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Parts by Number for RF Transceiver Ic Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CC1201RHBR Digi-Key Texas Instruments RF/IF and RFID IC TRANSCEIVER RF LP 32VQFN
TRF6901PT National Microchip Texas Instruments Not Provided IC RF TRANSCEIVER SGLCHIP 48PQFP
NRF24L01P-T Digi-Key Nordic Semiconductor ASA RF/IF and RFID IC RF TRANSCEIVER 2.4GHZ 20QFN
MC13190FCR2 Digi-Key Freescale Semiconductor RF/IF and RFID IC RF TRANSCEIVER 2.4GHZ QFN-32
MC13191FCR2 Digi-Key Freescale Semiconductor RF/IF and RFID IC RF TRANSCEIVER 2.4GHZ 32-QFN
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Conduct Research Top

  • Fully Integrated Switch-LNA Front-End IC Design in CMOS: A Systematic Approach for WLAN
    integrated front-end IC is demonstrated for. used, which includes performance critical blocks such as the. 802.11b/g transceivers with integrated power amplifiers. The. RF switch, the low-noise amplifier on the receive side, and the. SP3T-LNA architecture integrates Bluetooth® functionality with. power
  • SOI CMOS Technology for RF System-on-Chip Applications (.pdf)
    circuits on the same die... 1M30 FOR REPRINT OWAVE JOUR. R. N. IC. A. M. L. REVIEWED. TECHNICAL FEATURE. ED. D. IT. R. ORIAL BOA. SOI CMOS TECHNOLOGY. FOR RF SYSTEM-ON-CHIP. APPLICATIONS. CMOS technology is one of the most promising choices for RF applications. Its. highly integrated nature
  • Medical Device Link .
    sensor-transceivers are smaller than pacemakers, they would not allow as much room for a battery, which would limit the available power. Conclusion The ability to combine sensors, baseband signal processing, and RF transceiver circuitry into a single integrated circuit opens up a variety of medical
  • Medical Device Link .
    , high-performance transceiver. This article examines a transceiver IC designed specifically for this purpose. The design considerations of implantable transceivers are presented, followed by a brief discussion of the architecture and important design features. The MICS Band. A sensor communicates
  • Automatic Hardware Reconfiguration for Current Reduction at Low Power in RFIC PAs
    This paper presents a novel hardware reconfiguration. technique implemented in a dual integrated-circuit (IC) GaAs. HBT power amplifier (PA) design and demonstrates reduced current. and improved efficiency at low power. The method automatically. reconfigures the hardware of an RF IC PA over a given
  • Medical Device Link .
    sensing, control, and communication functionalities, possibly including a radio-frequency (RF) transceiver for greater portability and ease of operation. Such simple networking technology is the focus of this article. The Basic Chip Set. Figure 1. An example of a chip set for healthcare
  • VCO Design for WLAN Applications in the 2.4-2.5 GHz ISM Band
    . switch (this switch may be designed using the PIN diodes. is spread within a single channel. The IEEE standard allocates 11. SMP1320-079 and SMP1322-0173). In the down/up converter IC,. channels, each 22 MHz wide, with 5 MHz spacing between. Intersil HFA3683, the RF signal is converted to an IF of 374
  • Anaren AIR Module Users Manual: A2500R24x (.pdf)
    intentional radiator regulatory testing. The A2500R24C and A2500R24A are based on the CC2500 transceiver IC from Texas. Instruments. Al control lines for the transceiver are provided at module level for full control of its. operation. Please see the CC2500 data sheet ( for how to control