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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
RF-410 Digi-Key Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales Sensors, Transducers REFLECTOR 25X21MM CY-100 SERIES
RF-420 Digi-Key Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales Sensors, Transducers REFLECTOR 50X50MM CY-100 SERIES
RF-11 Digi-Key Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales Sensors, Transducers REFLECTIVE TAPE 8MM X 30MM
OV07960-E62V-RF Digi-Key OmniVision Technologies Inc Sensors, Transducers IC IMAGE SENSOR 656X492 62-ACSP
OV07962-E62Y-RF Digi-Key OmniVision Technologies Inc Sensors, Transducers IC IMAGE SENSOR VGA 62-ACSP
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  • Medical Device Link . Sensors and Transducers
    can be made by comparing the sensor film to a colour calibration chart, or by using one of several imaging systems that the company supplies. Pressurex can be used in heat sealing, RF or ultrasonic welding, and injection moulding applications. The film can also reveal planarity and warping
  • Medical Device Link . The Next Wave in Minimally Invasive Surgery Research is heating up in the area of RF, microwave, and high-frequency ultrasound for use in therapeutic devices.
    systems. Lately, however, researchers have begun to see acoustic and electromagnetic waves in a whole new light, turning their attention to therapeutic rather than diagnostic applications. Current research is exploiting the ability of radio-frequency (RF), micro-, and ultrasonic waves to generate heat
  • Tension Transducer Strain Gages: Which Technology is Better? The Foil vs. Semiconductor (Silicon) Strain Gage Debate (.pdf)
    for the amplified. signal to be useful. The high gain makes. the system much more susceptible to EMI. and RF noise. Sudden changes in tension. resulting from electronic transients can. create wasted product if the tension signal. is part of a closed-loop control system. • Gage Creep. When foil gage beams
  • Medical Device Link .
    for temperature-controlled RF ablation, defibrillation systems, and intravenous pacing leads. Facilities are ISO 9000 certified and products are CE approved. VascoMed GmbH, Weil am Rhein, Germany. Disposable sensors/electrodes. Employing high-speed multilayer screen-printing techniques along
  • Fiber Optic Antenna Link OFW-5800 GPS
    is accomplished. by directly modulating the transducer’s DC bias point with the RF output of the LNA, to produce an intensity. modulated optical signal. The optical signal is routed to the exterior of the Antenna Unit through a Mil-C-28876. single-mode optical connector that is compatible with naval shipboard
  • Do You Know Acousto-optics?
    - as defined by the. Rayleigh criterion. RF Power (PRF): The electrical power delivered by the driver. Acoustic power (Pa): The acoustic power generated in the crystal by the piezo-. Separation angle (Θ): electric transducer. This will be lower than the RF power as. The angle between the zero order
  • Flow Technology Flies Around the World With Global Flyer
    changes in the fuel as the. of fluid flowing through the flowmeter. aircraft reached its 45,000-ft cruising. A zero-drag, modulated carrier (RF). altitude. The meter’s linearizing electron-. pickoff with a range-extending amplifier. ics were programmed with the character-. was used to sense the rotation
  • Medical Device Link .
    control treatment options, such as dispensing drugs based on a pre-determined schedule. This kind of remote monitoring and data processing starts with a simple platform that has sensing, control and communication capabilities that can include a radio frequency (RF) transceiver to improve portability

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