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    Network Synchronization Products - (45 companies)
    NTP) standardized in RFC 1305. To synchronize timing across a local area network (LAN), network clocks match NTP with an external source such as a global positioning satellite (GPS) or low-frequency (LF) time signaling. Additional interfaces... Learn More
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    ...multiple stratum-1 or straum-2 time servers. Internet time code protocols are defined by requests for comments (RFC). The International Telecommunications Union radio bureau (ITU-R) provides another time source for time servers. Global positioning system... Learn More

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RomWebClientEmbedded HTTP client sends to and receives from all Web servers.102HTTP 1.0/1.1, RFC 1945, RFC 2068,RFC 2616. RomPOPPOP3 client receives Internet e-mail.12 1810 20POP3; MIME attachments; RFC 822, RFC 1939, RFC 2045, RFC 2046. RomMailerSMTP client sends Internet e-mail4 83SMTP; MIME...

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RFC 2045
These documents are based on earlier work documented in RFC 934, STD 11, and RFC 1049, but extends and revises them.

some knowledge about the NNTP protocol (RFC 977), and general knowledge about email (RFC(2)822) and MIME (2045-2048), since any handling of both

Email - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Standards for encoding email messages were proposed as early as 1973 (RFC 561). Conversion from ARPANET to the Internet in the early 1980s produced

List of TCP and UDP port numbers - Wikipedia, the free...
Daytime Protocol (RFC 867) Official 14 Mail Transfer Protocol (RFC 780) Official

IANA | Application for Media Type
RFC 2045 - MIME formats and encodings RFC 2046 - Definition of media types

Library/Data encoding - HaskellWiki
Implemented as defined in RFC 2045. 3.9 URL encoding Implemented as it's defined in RFC 4648.

RFC 2535 - Domain Name System Security Extensions (RFC2535)
RFC 2535 - Domain Name System Security Extensions RFC 2535 - Domain Name System Security Extensions

Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One
the principles, constraints, and good practice notes in accordance with RFC 2119 [RFC2119.

Character Model for the World Wide Web 1.0: Fundamentals
Starting with Internationalization of the Hypertext Markup Language [RFC 2070, the Web community has recognized the need for a character model for

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