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  • Road to RFID Paved with Bar Codes
    tags. Supporting those rushing to embrace RFID is George Wright IV, vice president of Product Identification & Processing Systems, Inc. He asserts, "The road to RFID is paved with bar codes." spoke with Wright to ascertain the view from his particular mountaintop
  • RFID for the Masses
    in applying RFID smart label technology While Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Auto-ID Laboratory continues to develop global standards for electronic product codes (EPC) and smart tags, vendors are developing standards for sensor RFID labels, materials, protocols, data structures and compliance
  • AIM RFID Experts Refute RFID Virus Claims
    Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma Most applications of RFID, including EPC Gen2, look for specific kinds of data. Poor reader design might allow the reading of a "rogue " tag, but a good system will verify the data against pre-defined parameters, as do current bar code systems, and any code
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
    in an RFID label destined for the Department of Defense is usually very minimal, it won't contain much more than your DoD cage code and a serial number. No other significant information is programmed into the tag. So how does the DoD use RFID to know what is in your boxes? The answer is that you communicate
  • With RFID, the System is the System
    By Bert Moore, Director, Communications and Media Relations, AIM Global, and Consultant, IDAT Consulting It's all too easy to forget, in the midst of evaluating and implementing RFID technology, that it is only a tool to feed a data management system. Admittedly, RFID can often do this more
  • Jump Starting RFID in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
    This quick, one-time registration gives you access to members-only site benefits. The industry is already using RFID to track and trace Class 2 pharmaceuticals, which, in most cases, are narcotics that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) oversees. Earlier this year, H.D. Smith Wholesale Drug Co
  • FDA Report Supports Use of RFID
    for a group that will explore the use of RFID and electronic product code (EPC) in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Group members include Abbott Laboratories, Barr Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson as well as distributors, retailers and trade groups. The group plans to test how RFID can
  • Road to RFID Paved with Bar Codes
    This quick, one-time registration gives you access to members-only site benefits. When it comes to printing bar codes, the correct data needs to be encoded in the right symbology and the symbol must be well printed. ANSI and/or ISO standards have been in place for more than 15 years detailing how
  • Inside GSK s New RFID Pilot
    faith in the data it collects from supply chain partners. "Right now they share data [with partners], but it 's assumed data, " Chang says. "RFID is actual physical data that you can trust. " GSK has chosen to use high frequency (HF) tags carrying electronic product code (EPC) data, which has
  • RFID Standards and Drug Security in the Year Ahead
    to be resolved by general use of either of two coding structures, HIBCC or GS1 (formerly EAN/UCC), as well as advances in bar code readers that can identify and read virtually any symbology automatically. Debate over which RFID frequency to use offers many parallels. While pallet- and carton-level

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