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  • Application Note: Driving Color RGB LEDs with the AAT3123

    An RGB LED can be driven with a combined 60mA constant current source supply from an AAT3123. This is accomplished by connecting the four constant current source outputs (D1 to D4) from an AAT3123 and programming the device to output 15mA for each source. This solution is intended to supply up

  • Circut Ideas: LED driver lights three LED strings and provides constant voltage supply

    of producing regulated electrical power. This eliminates the need for extra circuitry otherwise used with a separate power supply. In the accompanying diagram, an LT3476 drives three constant-current RGB LED strings. Its fourth channel serves as a constant-voltage source. A typical application

  • Sensor Lets Machines See Color Intensity

    EMX Industries Inc. introduced the ColorMax-1000, the first color sensor that outputs color intensity. EMX Industries Inc., introduced the ColorMax-1000, the first color sensor that outputs color intensity. The ColorMax-1000 color sensor has a high-intensity white LED that projects modulated light

  • Color Classification with the TCS230 Color Sensor

    to one of a set of known colors. This technique can be used in applications such as LED sorting and testing, industrial sorting and identification, process control in labeling and printing machines, etc. In this two-part application note we will examine two variations on the theme of color

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  • Re: Reason for Dimming of LED's Furthest from Supply

    Curious. I'd like to see the schematic you used, to understand whether you were running them in series or parallel, and to know if perhaps you were over- or under-driving them. Did the LEDs have a good heat sink? If not provided with a good heat sink, the internal structure of the LED will overheat...

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Infineon Technologies AG
RGB LED & DC Motor Control Shield for Arduino

Both Shields are compatible to Arduino Uno R3 and can be combined with the XMC1100 Boot Kit which is equipped with a 32-bit microcontroller of the XMC1000family. All XMC1000 products use the ARM ® Cortex ™-M0 processor. The Infineon RGB LED Lighting Shield for Arduino features the XMC1202 microcontroller with its Brightness Color Control Unit (BCCU) for LED lighting control. The high-current DC Motor Control Shield for Arduino contains the Infineon NovalithIC ™ BTN8982TA...

ITW Electronic Component Solutions - Lumex
High Power RGB LED 3-Watt

Lumex announces an expansion of the company's extensive line of high-power technologies with the introduction of AstraLED ™ RGB (SML-LX1610RGBW/A), an innovative high-power LED that combines cost and space savings with superior color performance. "AstraLED RGB is ideal for a wide variety of kitchen appliance, communications equipment, medical device, automotive and sign applications that require bright, intense light with low power consumption," explains Jeff Oliveros, Director...

Veetronix, Inc.
RGB LED is Ideal for Rack Mount Panels!

08 Switch. RGB LED gives a wider color spectrum  . Ideal for Rack Mount Panels. Low Profile. Made In The USA. Sealed Reed Contact. 100% Tested. RGB Illumination Available. Variety of Keycaps Sizes and Colors Available.  . Veetronix switches are found in military and government control panels, keyboard panels, computer keyboards, and switches for video and audio equipment. All Veetronix switches, regardless of type, style or price, operate with our unique design for hermetically sealed...