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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
17 RIBBON WIRE National Microchip 3M Not Provided Not Provided
17 RIBBON WIRE National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
3759/20 100 Heilind Electronics, Inc. 3M Wire 80610802755 RIBBON CABLE 100 FT ROLL
1-57040-5 Heilind Electronics, Inc. MADISON CABLE / TYC Wire 15 COND.28AWG7/36 RIBBON CBL.
F3007S-10-025-85 Heilind Electronics, Inc. TEMP-FLEX Wire & Cable FEP Ribbon Cable, 30AWG High Temp 10 cord
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  • General Characteristics of DFT (R) Composite Wire (.pdf)
    DFT wire is a metal-to-metal composite developed to combine the desired physical and mechanical attributes of two or more materials into a single wire or ribbon system. As a result of extreme compressive forces imparted during the processing of the dissimilar materials, the mechanical bond formed
  • QQ-S-571 Solder, Electronic (96oC to 485oC)
    This specification was approved by the Commissioner, Federal Supply Service, General Services Administration, for the use of all Federal agencies 1.1 Scope. This specification covers fluxed and non-fluxed solders in the form of bars, ingots, ribbon, wire, paste, and special (preforms) for use
  • Medical Device Link .
    Using a ribbon-style contact interface for reliable repetitive plug-and-unplug applications, a series of I/O interconnects are capable of carrying either a signal or power. This feature allows designers flexibility in placing power supplies for peripheral devices. The Shielded Contact Ribbon (SCR
  • Wiring
    , direct wiring becomes costly and unwieldy and other interconnection systems become necessary. Flat cables, sometimes called ribbon cables, contain numerous conductors embedded side by side in flexible strips of plastic insulation. These cables can be mass terminated at low cost. Flat cables carry more

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  • Electronic components
    The wave resistance of the strip line can be determined [23] for thin conductor paths by that the layer thickness less than one-tenth of the web width amounts näherungsweise.
  • Solid state physics
    The distance between the upper edge is the supreme filled band (valence band) and the lower edge of the bottom empty band (band) not too massively (e.g., * 1 eV), so makes itself by not to low temperatures the softening of the...
  • Experimental physics 3
    Line video tape conduction band .
  • Materials for electrical engineering
    Further, an Uberblick is given tiber the line mechanisms occurring in the ceramics like Hopping-line and narrow video tape line .
  • Experimental physics 3
    Line video tape conduction band .
  • Physics
    Conduction band conduction band .
  • Electronics for engineers and natural scientists
    In the practice, one uses, thereto a two-sided circuit board with strip lines on the top, on that is tinned also the components.
  • A study on the reliability and thermo-mechanical properties of gold ribbon wire bonding
    A study on the reliability and thermo-mechanical properties of gold ribbon wire bonding .
  • Laser
    Against it, electrons are introduced by n-conductors into the upper band (band LB) (image 10.1).
  • Materials of electrical engineering
    ...the höchstgelegene fully occupied band (valence band) and it thereon following not or partially occupied band (band).
  • Electrodynamics
    ...the band gap ∆E between the last occupied band and the first unoccupied band kT small in...
  • Sensor technique
    Particularly low self-inductances show the strip lines (symmetrical double line of two planparallelen video tape conductors) and Mikrostreifenlei- .