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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
17 RIBBON WIRE National Microchip 3M Not Provided Not Provided
17 RIBBON WIRE National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
3759/20 100 Heilind Electronics, Inc. 3M Wire 80610802755 RIBBON CABLE 100 FT ROLL
1-57040-5 Heilind Electronics, Inc. MADISON CABLE / TYC Wire 15 COND.28AWG7/36 RIBBON CBL.
F3007S-10-025-85 Heilind Electronics, Inc. TEMP-FLEX Wire & Cable FEP Ribbon Cable, 30AWG High Temp 10 cord
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  • General Characteristics of DFT (R) Composite Wire (.pdf)
    . applications of DFT wire, cable or ribbon. have a variety of tensile values depending upon the amount. of cold work and core percentages of the individual wires (see. One of the more common uses of DFT wire is found in the. Fig. 1). In addition, the table in Fig. 2 is presented to compare. medical
  • Understanding 2-Wire and 4-Wire Resistance Measurements
    will be compatible with CH+ testers also). Using the 'AHED Family' of adapters where pin 1 is paired with pin 2, Pin 3 with pin 4 and so on. Using IDC ribbon cable for all terminations by using two identical double high AHED adapters (i.e. (2) AHED-64's). Pair wires between the 2 adapters offset by 2
  • Copper Wire: Resistance and Temperature
    ). The wire resistance will now be 1.015 ohms + 0.0399 ohms = 1.0549 ohms. You have 1 foot of ribbon cable with a resistance of 0.0649 ohms at 20 degrees C. You plug the wire into your cable tester and keep your hands on the wire while it tests. The wire temperature goes up 10 C because of your body
  • QQ-S-571 Solder, Electronic (96oC to 485oC)
    This specification was approved by the Commissioner, Federal Supply Service, General Services Administration, for the use of all Federal agencies 1.1 Scope. This specification covers fluxed and non-fluxed solders in the form of bars, ingots, ribbon, wire, paste, and special (preforms) for use
  • A Short History and Review of Shielded Cables (.pdf)
    of the bobbin hold- and Cables. He was involved with ribbon cable. ers on the braider; common numbers while at T &B Ansley. He has designed many. are 12, 16, 24, 36, 48 and 96. Ends are ultra-flexible cables for Military, Medical and. the number of strands of wire wound Aerospace applications. Don
  • Medical Device Link .
    power supplies for peripheral devices. The Shielded Contact Ribbon (SCR) interconnect line consists of an assortment of 10-pin shielded I/O connectors and accessories. Connectors are available in male and female wire-mount versions and board-mount designs as right-angle through-hole or vertical
  • Low-Cost Improvements for Tire Producers (.pdf)
    and con-. trol improvements made in three separate. sub-processes at tire plants in the Southeast. RFA Tension Transducers. RFA (Ribbon-Filament) tension transducers. Steel Tire Cord. with tension amplifiers and 12 meters to. Steel-braided cord used in manufacturing. monitor running tension
  • Medical Device Link .
    coil. Engineered tempering solutions, finishing options, and other services are offered to spring manufacturers. The spring steel is packaged in either traditional flat-ribbon coils up to 60 in. outside diam or in compact, oscillating coil spools up to 2000 lb. CNC Machining Available on Plastic

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