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  • Worm Gears
    Worm gears are right angle devices providing large speed ratios on a comparatively short center distance. Worm and worm gears operate on non-intersecting shafts at 90 degree angles.
  • Gearing Up: The Ins-and-Outs of Gears
    in right angle gearboxes. These gears "turn a corner". *Bevel Gear: This gear tends to have a lower ratio and run at a higher efficiency than the worm gear
  • Screw Gear or Crossed Helical Gear Meshes - Technical Article
    These. helical gears are also known as spiral gears. They are true helical gears and only differ in their application for interconnecting skew shafts. Screw gears can be designed to connect shafts at any angle, but in most applications the shafts are at right angles.
  • High-performance gear reducers keep pace with latest servomotors
    higher torque density and stiffness than fixed-axis units (about three times more in this case). Servogear reducers from Neugart USA, are available in both inline planetary (PLS series) or right-angle bevel/planetary (WPLS series) models. Such motors have made possible direct drives (no gear reducer
  • High on Hypoids
    gears. They are key components in right-angle gearboxes with high reduction ratios, high efficiency, and compact size. Hypoid gearing has been around for years. It is commonly used in rear-wheel-drive automobiles for two reasons: It lowers the drive shaft for more room in the passenger area
  • Planetary reducers eliminate machining step to keep costs down
    , and custom shaft and flanges. In the design and prototype stage is an industrial-grade, right-angle planetary reducer for use in tight spaces. It's expected sometime this year. A maker of hand-operated movers for boats and airplanes needed a motor drive able to provide a high power density
  • Definite and Special-Purpose Motors
    , and brush-type motors have large starting torques. Applications with high inertias should be analyzed by the gearmotor manufacturer. This problem is critical with self-locking right-angle gearmotors. Since rotor and load are rigidly connected by the gear train, both must stop in the same time. In severe
  • Understanding 1080p Resolution
    angle of about 28 degrees. We know this because half the image width is (roughly now) 2 feet and the viewing distance is 8 feet. This creates a right triangle and, using the formula cosine x (half the subtended angle) = adjacent side length (8 feet) ÷ hypotenuse length (calculated to be approximately
  • Rolling-ring actuators spool up production, cut costs
    Rolling-ring bearings are basically standard ball bearings but with a ridge machined into the inner race. Just the ridge apex makes contact with a smooth, threadless shaft inserted in the bearing bore. The resulting clearance permits angling the bearing left or right while maintaining continuous

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