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  • Modifying the PICDEMTM USB Board for PIC18 Full-Speed USB Microcontrollers
    . unpopulated. firmware issues, the user should refer to Chapter 4 of. 3. To use the MPLAB® ICD 2 In-Circuit Debugger/. the “PICDEM™ FS USB Demonstration Board User’s. Programmer with PIC18 devices: Guide” (DS51526) for detailed information on the. a). Populate the pad J6 with a 6-wire RJ-11 jack
  • The Not-So-Simple A/B Copper Network Switch
    CAT5e ports on the bracket inside the wall box. The RJ45 network cables. must be run into the box and bracket before installing in the wall. 2. Connectors - Types of connectors/ports. Connector Types. DB9. DB15. DB25. DB37. HD15. BNC. RJ45. RJ11/12. MINI DIN. USB. 36 Western Industrial Drive