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    Analog Multimeters - (210 companies) a sensor that clamps around the wire. When searching for analog multimeters it is important to consider the measurement range for whichever value is being measured. An analog multimeter displays these values via a dial, typically a moving pointer... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Digital Multimeters - (580 companies) consider the measurement range for whichever value is being measured. Features. Common features for digital multimeters include battery power, analog bar graph, dB readings, auto-ranging, adjustable sampling rate, programmable, data acquisition... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Sidacs - (26 companies)
    ...voltages and excludes all of the non-transient repetitive voltages. Holding current (IH) is the minimum principal current required to maintain a sidac in the on state. Root mean square power is the RMS value of the principal current when the device... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) - (142 companies)
    ...value of the principal current when SCRs are turned on. Peak cycle surge on-current is the maximum on-state current of short-term duration that can be applied for one full cycle of conduction without performance degradation. Gate trigger current... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Voltage Dividers and Voltage References - (67 companies)
    ...fixed value component (e.g., resistor), or several components that are not in the same circuit. Products with more than one component (e.g., several fixed-value resistors) have multiple posts or a rotary switch to selected different resistance values... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Triacs - (124 companies)
    ...trigger current. Root mean square (RMS) on- state current is the maximum RMS value of the principal current when devices are turned on. Rising ratio of off-voltage is the minimum rate-of-rise value for the principal voltage that causes switching from... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Autotransformers - (71 companies)
    ...for autotransformers are expressed as root mean square (RMS) values. Search by Specification | Learn More

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MXD-4660A Tequipment.Net Metex Not Provided 4 1/2-digit, 19999 counts, True RMS, Multi-display LCD with 3 sub-displays, LCD back-light, Data Hold, Auto-Hold, Memory & Memory Recall (10 values), Relative Offset, Hi/Lo/Pass Comparison, Frequency, Transistor, Diode, Logic Test, Including RS-232

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Measuring RMS Values of Voltage and Current. Voltage (Current) Measurements. Effective Value. Standard classic measurements of voltage (current). The "effective " value of symmetrical periodic. values are based on two fundamental techniques. voltage (current) functions of time is based...

The most popular voltage and current transducers and meters actually measure the average absolute value of the voltage or current and are calibrated for the RMS value for a sine wave. input....

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. and other manufacturers build and sell inexpensive current and voltage transducers that measure the average absolute value of the current or voltage and are. calibrated in terms of the RMS value for sine wave input. These inexpensive transducers work well when the current...

values. AC voltages are normally specified as root-mean-square (RMS) values. The RMS voltage is the. effective value of a varying or alternating voltage; this value will produce the same power loss as. a continuous voltage when applied to a pure resistive load. The peak value of a sine wave...

...on estimating the RMS value of this jitter parameter. The illustration in Figure 1 suggests how one might measure the RMS period jitter in the time domain. The first edge is the reference edge or trigger edge as if we were using an oscilloscope. AN279. ESTIMATING PERIOD JITTER FROM PHASE...

...calibrated to display the rms value of a sine wave. It is important to understand that the spectrum analyzer is not a power meter, even though it can be used to display power directly. As long as we know some value of a sine wave (for example, peak or average) and know the resistance across which we...

...the rms value. When one is finding the order values we know that because the speed is changing the actual order will have been skewed over several frequencies. Also if is extremely unlikely that the frequency values at which the FFT was evaluated will exactly match the frequency of the order...

...with a low-viscosity fluid such as water. This is because maximum asperity heights range up to 3 the rms value. Lower values boost wear or can make bearings fail prematurely. As a rule, with oil-film bearings should be at least 10 to 20 the combined surface roughness of the shaft and bearing surfaces...

...or pushing a product. Peak thrust can be anywhere from one to five times continuous thrust, depending on application. Continuous thrust is a root-mean-square or RMS value. In some cases, such as in volumetric piston pumps, continuous thrust can last the entire length of a relatively long stroke...

* Characteristics Formulas for Phase Control Circuits. Since a single rectifier or SCR passes current in one direction only, it conducts for only half of each cycle of an AC sinewave. The average current (IAV) then becomes half of the value determined for full-cycle conduction, and the RMS current (IRMS...

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