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  • Health Physics Division Annual Progress Report for Period Ending July 31, 1967
    Major objectives are the confirmation of feasibility and safety of disposal in salt mines, including demonstration of required waste- handling equipment and techniques, and the collection of rock mechanics data sufficient to establish the basis for the design of a disposal facility.
  • Deformation of rock salt in openings mined for the disposal of radioactive wastes
    ...initiated in 1962 and is currently nearing completion, has as its principal engineering and s•ientific objectives (1) the deter- mination of the effeets of temperature on the deformation of rock salt , (2) the demonstration of waste- handling equipment and techniques on the...
  • Final Test and Evaluation Results from the Solar Two Project
    As a result, much of the salt in many of the bags consolidated to form large, hard blocks, which required special rock -hammer-like equipment to convert the salt into particle sizes that could be handled and fed to the salt melter.
  • States > Virginia > State > Register > 2013 > 09/23/2013
    ...machinery or equipment remain and are exposed to stormwater; (b) Materials or residuals on the ground or in stormwater inlets from spills or leaks; (c) Material handling equipment (except adequately maintained vehicles... ...transporting activities (e.g., rock , salt , fill dirt); (e) Materials...
  • Cubic Aluminum Nitride Coating Through Atmospheric Reactive Plasma Nitriding
    These made AlN as promising materials in several applications; heat sinks, electronic substrates, semiconductor packages, crucibles and vessels for handling corrosive chemicals and molten metals, parts of semiconductor equipment , reaction ves- sels of etching. It is well known that AlN has a hexagonal (wurtzite) structure and two kinds of cubic structure ( rock salt and zinc-blend).
  • Health Physics Division Annual Progress Report for Period Ending July 31, 1964
    In calculating the total costs of storage in salt , 60 to 85% were for salt removal; and... for handling equipment and labor for storing the cans) would be about the s a m e for all storage systems, the relative total costs would probably differ by factors of 5 to 7. Excavation costs in hard rock (granite or meta- morphosed basalt) have been reported to range from $9...
  • States > Virginia > State > Regulations > Title 9 - Environment > Agency 25 - State Water Control Board > 890 - General VPDES Permit for Discharges of Stormwat...
    (c) Material handling equipment (except adequately maintained vehicles); (d) Materials or products that would be expected to be mobilized in stormwater runoff during loading/unloading or transporting activities (e.g., rock , salt , fill dirt); .
    For some conceptual design cases, downhole reactor and salt handling volumeswould consist of large cavities mined in deep pockets of rock or salt (Rauenzahn and Tester, 1989, 1990a, 1990b). Performan Economic Analysi Equipment sizingand economic estimates will be provided to assess the feasibility of commercial operation.
  • Modeling and simulation of transportation system of screw conveyors by the Discrete Element Method
    ...many industrial applications, ranging from minerals, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pigments, plastics, cement, sand, salt and food processing... Screw conveyors are extensively used (1) in agriculture and industry for transportation of particulates at controlled and steady rates, as bulk handling equipment ; (2) as parts of construction and mining... ...they are used to discharge soil or rock continuously, and (3) for...
  • Final environmental impact statement. Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
    ...adjacent to t h e disposal-exhaust s h a f t contains equipment for exhausting and... Mined r a c k (mostly salt ) w i l l be brought to the surface through the construction-exhaust and salt- handling shaft. Once a t the surface, the mined rock w i l l be moved by conveyor to...
  • Further Development Work for a Future Gorleben Repository
    At first, the adequacy of the inner POLLUX con- tainer as a final disposal canister in a salt repository has to be confirmed considering the stress resulting from the rock pressure and the high-temperature environment. Additionally, the de- velopment program should cover construction and testing of the equipment for handling and disposal of the un- shielded container, as already done for the POLLUX cask.