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  • Roll-to-Roll Coating for Printed Electronics and the Role of Contract Manufacturing
    Article discusses how contract coaters help new customers in the printed electronics market. The Future of Precision Multi-layer Coating. Roll-to-Roll Coating for Printed Electronics and the Role of Contract Manufacturing. By Robert Wildman, Business Development & Account Manager. Roll-to-roll
  • Web Coaters and Roll Coaters
    Web coaters and roll coaters are used to rapidly apply controlled layers of paint, protective films, adhesives and other types of coatings onto the surface of paper, plastic film, coil stock, metal foils and other sheet materials. The coating is often metered onto a roll and then transferred onto
  • Understanding Complexities of Patterned Coatings
    The majority of roll-to-roll coating projects use "blanket" or uniform continuous high precision coatings. Products ranging from imaging films to battery membranes to optical display device components typically employ blanket coatings where exceptional thickness control is required
  • Achieving Functional Excellence with Silicone Coatings
    and 5). High line speeds. Low coefficient of friction. fabrics coated with opposing. Film formation by knife blade on traditional. knives versus squeeze rolls. coating lines where the fabric is fed over. Medium viscosity. Excellent film formation. Reverse Roll Coating. reveal the impact
  • Rigid Mast Multiple Roll Handling Manipulator
    and assembling the large subassemblies. Manual Roll Handling Carts with Powered Lift and Pitch for Label Handling Requirement: Brewery bottlers require roll lifters to raise and rotate rolls of beer bottle labels and insert them onto an unwind spindle. Flat Screen LCD Manipulator for Slot Machine
  • Company Gets More out of Their Pre-Cleaning Room with Roll-Up Doors
    their swing door to a Goff's Power-Roll powered roll-up door, they can make better use of the area around both sides of the doorway, plus get some added benefits that relate to their operation. In this room Armoloy does the wet blasting pre-cleaning that takes place before the coating process. This hard
  • Solvent Screening Studies.
    Solvent Screening Studies. By Derek Hammill, Defect Analyst. Contract coating manufacturers possess a wide range of expertise and tools to conduct the complex processes required for roll-to-roll coating. Among the specialties involved in roll-to-roll coating, solvent screening studies require
  • Latest experiences of film coating
    . It is also a fact that MSP produces fewer scratches and defects than blade, which in turn might cause deposits on the roll surfaces in an on-line calender. In the on-line multinip calendering, the coating colour sticking has arisen as a critical issue. 1.4 MSP Coating Concepts Investments in coating

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