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  • Bearing Materials
    Bearings materials are classified as through-hardened materials (used largely for ball bearings) and case-hardened materials (used largely for roller bearings). Critical applications require vacuum-processed steels. Regardless of material type, a commonly accepted minimum hardness for bearing
  • Linear-Bearing Design Considerations
    . With a flat race, balls have lower load capacity than rollers and large-diameter balls have to be used to carry the same load. If the mating way is ground with either a Gothic arch or circular groove, the closer conformity to the ball allows the use of smaller balls than with flat ways.
  • About Cobra Solid Lubricant (CSL)
    within the bearing. The solidified mixture will fill nearly 100% of the space between the inner and outer races of the bearing, encapsulating the balls or rollers and the cage.
  • Cooler-running wheel bearings help racers burn up the track
    to install. "Proper wheel-bearing preload helps win races, " says David Holden, an engineer with the Richard Childress Racing NASCAR team. "We have crew devoted to the task, though getting the adjustment right can be tricky and consumes valuable time on race day. " Not enough preload and handling
  • Cylindrical Bearings
    in high-speed, lightly loaded, cylindrical roller bearings is roller skidding, which can lead to premature bearing failure. One technique to combat skidding is an out-of-round raceway, which pinches the rollers at two diametrically opposite points. Another technique is the use of two preloaded hollow
  • When space is at a premium
    for demanding applications with high shaft stresses. The patented technology from Canton, Ohio, extends bearing life by balancing the stresses between the cup and roller, and the roller and shaft. Applications include gear-pump shafts and axle bearings. Rollers in inverted-cup bearings ride on
  • Thermoplastic Bearings Offer Design Flexibility
    complete with ball raceways. In addition to maximizing bearing life, formed raceways eliminate a requirement for postmold machining. Because machining is not required, it is possible to make the bearing races almost any shape imaginable. For example, pulleys, rollers, precision gears, and fixing clips
  • How to make bearings last in electric motors
    Creating the best possible operating environment lessens the chance of premature bearing failure. Here are some basic guidelines. A deep-groove ball bearing installed on the output shaft of an acinduction motor. The motor end cap supports the bearing outer race. Characteristic fluting caused

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