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    Tilt Switches - (45 companies)
    Advantages of mercury tilt switches are their low cost and ease of use. o Disadvantages include the toxic nature of the material and that they can perform only on/off functions. Ball-in-cage switches use a small metal ball...
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  • Tilt Sensors-Image
    Tilt Sensors - (130 companies)
    ...ball held in a housing unit with two or more contacts. When the housing is tilted the ball shorts the two electrical contacts, turning off the switch. Product Spefications. Buyers should consider these product specifications when selecting tilt...
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  • Gyroscopes-Image
    Gyroscopes - (66 companies)
    Traditional gyroscopes work on the basis that a spinning object that is tilted perpendicularly to the direction of the spin will have a precession. The precession keeps the device oriented in a vertical direction so the angle relative to the reference...
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  • Ball Bearings-Image
    Ball Bearings - (699 companies)
    ...ratings and other parameters are monitored regularly. Construction. Ball bearings are composed of four main parts: two rings (or races) the rolling elements (the balls), and the ball separator (retainer). Radial ball bearings and angular contact bearings...
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  • Ball Valves-Image
    Ball Valves - (2066 companies)
    Ball valves provide tight shut-off and characterizable control. They have high rangeability due to the design of the regulating element and few complications from side loads typical of butterfly or globe valves. Ball valves are quarter-turn...
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    Rolling Mills - (70 companies)
    How to Select Rolling Mills. Rolling mills are machines that shape metal by passing it through two rolls. They are used to flatten and reduce metal to a sheet or plate. How Rolling Mills Work. Most rolling mills feature two or more rolls arranged...
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    Platforms and Walkways - (417 companies)
    ...heavy-duty rolling surface and may utilize wood flooring or steel plating. For personnel-only surfaces, perforated and textured surfaces are more common. Spacings of various sizes and shapes prevent the accumulation of debris and liquid hazards...
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    Tilt Tables - (122 companies)
    Tilt Tables Information. Tilt tables are designed to tilt so that material can be completely removed from them. In order to increase productivity and ergonomics in any manufacturing operation, equipment such as tilt tables are a small but integral...
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    Ball Slides - (96 companies)
    Ball slides are simple linear motion devices that provide smooth linear motion, accurately controlled by the rotation of the drive mechanism. Description. Ball slides are sometimes referred to as ball and rod bearing assemblies, or ball bearing...
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    Linear Slides and Linear Stages - (500 companies)
    ...bearings are similar to linear ball bushings, but contain no rolling element. Sleeve bushings can usually operate on little to no lubrication or maintenance. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, such as packaging machinery, food...
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...contacts. The usual technique has a metal ball either making or breaking a connection between two metal conductors when the switch tilts. The ball generally rolls off the case and onto the contacts to make the connection. A viscous dielectric fluid sealed in the case is specified so ball movement mimics...

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  • Beginning Arduino Programming
    Rolling ball tilt switch or other mechanical switch • .
  • electronics
    The tilt sensor is a momentary rolling ball switch tilt sensor, model AT411-2 manufactured by the Light Country (China).
  • Event driven illumination system for image reconstruction of hologram
    The principle of ball rolling tilt switch is very simple as shown in figure 14.
  • Belgium - RoHS substances in electrical and electronic equipment
    Alternatives include the mechanical float switch, magnetic dry reed switch, rolling metallic ball tilt switch , electrolytic tilt sen- sor, mechanical pressure switch, solid-state pressure switch, mechanical temperature switch, solid-state temperature switch, etc. “=” Due to the many applications, prices…
  • Reed and Tilt Sensors
  • Modernization of the 1 meter Swope and 2.5 meter Du Pont telescopes at Las Campanas Observatory
    The switches are normally closed and are actuated by a steel ball that remains in place by gravity until the telescope has tilted over in RA or DEC far enough to allow the ball to roll away from the switch levers.
  • Physical Activity Assessment With Accelerometers: An Evaluation Against Doubly Labeled Water
    Tilting of the instrument causes the ball of mercury to roll down the cylinder, making contact with a mercury switch at the end of the cylinder.
  • Dictionary of the geology / Dictionary of Geology
    Kippung f, inclination f (e.g., the aircraft or remote sensing recording system in flight direction) fossil unwound rollability rolling ability f, rolling assets n, rolling readiness f … point (seismic exploration) roll-along switch trace selector switch m (by the seismic … rollstones beach rubble pl roll-kind rolling front f (uranium occurrences) roll-up ball wrap fold f…
  • Power Transmissions
    …will lead in further abrasion of the rollers as a result of the tilt in the rotating .... We recommend changing the cylindrical rolling bearing type with barrel or spherical roller bearing, or switching the places of the bearing number 3 (angular contact ball bearing—double row) with the bearing marked under number 4 (cylindrical roller bearing—double row).
  • Dielectric elastomer switches for smart artificial muscles
    When an actuator section was displaced under the weight of the ball , the switches acted to throttle the charging current of the actuator in the anticlock- wise direction and the discharging current in the clockwise direction. .... This caused the rails to tilt , rolling the ball around Fig. 6 Circuit diagram of the oscillator.