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    Band Heaters - (153 companies)
    ...efficient. Band heaters that are equipped with a layer of ceramic insulation can resist both heat and chemicals. Ceramics are made of nonmetallic minerals, such as clay, that are permanently hardened by high-temperature firing. Mica is valued for its...
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    Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature
    AC Voltage Required
  • Industrial Heaters-Image
    Industrial Heaters - (2072 companies)
    This is a general search form for all types of industrial heaters, devices which are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and heating configurations. Screw Plug Immersion Heater | Infrared Panel Heater | Explosion Proof Heater. Image Credit...
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    Rolling Mills - (73 companies)
    ...fpm), total column area, and estimated floor space. Rolling mills include both small, manually-operated bench top systems and large, powered machines. They are used in the production of bars, rods, wire rods, bands, hoops, metal shapes, plates...
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  • Banding and Strapping-Image
    Banding and Strapping - (274 companies)
    Strapping and banding are used to secure items for shipping or storage or as a clamp to secure an assembly together. Image Credit: Global Industrial. Banding and strapping are used to secure items for shipping or storage. Types of Banding...
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  • Oil Heaters and Kerosene Heaters-Image
    Oil Heaters and Kerosene Heaters - (45 companies) be high-pressure vessels. Types. There are many different types of oil heaters and kerosene heaters. Choices include air, band, coil, and cable heaters; cartridge, cast-in, ceramic fiber, and circulation heaters; drum, duct, and enclosure heaters...
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    Cast-In Heaters - (38 companies)
    Specialized cast-in heater elements include strip heaters, bolt heaters, explosion resistant heaters, bushing heaters, and bottom outlet heaters. Cast-in band heaters are used to heat pipes or other cylindrical objects. Cast-in circulation heaters...
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    Strip Heaters - (137 companies)
    ...include aluminum, iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminized steel, and zinc-coated steel. Insulation. Many strip heaters are equipped with insulation to reduce heat losses to the environment. Common insulation materials include magnesium oxide, mica...
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    Inline Heaters - (35 companies)
    Choices include air heaters, band heaters, coil heaters and cable heaters, cartridge heaters, cast-in heaters, ceramic fiber heaters, circulation heaters, drum heaters, duct heaters, enclosure heaters, and flexible heaters. Forced air heaters, heat torches...
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    Electric Heaters - (282 companies)
    Electric heaters generate heat by passing an electric current through a high-resistance material. Electrics heaters generate heat by passing an electric current through a high-resistance material. These heating devices have been adapted to various...
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    Drum Heaters - (93 companies)
    ...consist of a conveyor fed oven. They accommodate a first-in, first-out product flow and may be integrated into automated drum handling processes. Wrap around heaters contain flexible heating elements that are incorporated into a jacket or band...
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  • Mica Tape - offers from Mica Tape manufacturers, suppliers, exporters & wholesalers
    [ Related Keywords : mica tape, mica sheet, mica roll , mica heater ] Sell 5440-Epoxy Resin Banding Mica Tape .
  • Energy Meter - Energy Meter Manufacturers, Suppliers (Page 18)
    Order: 200 rolls 200w Electric Band Heaters With Thermocouple , Energy Efficient Heaters … 2, with thermocouple J/K 3, 200W,lead wire:1 meters 4, Customized Description: Mica Band heater for …
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  • Installation and Use of a Double-Beam Recording Infra-Red Spectrometer
    … solid pastes consist of fluorite or rocksalt ‘flats’ which are separated with accurately rolled lead foil and … … and . the spectral absorption of the l ‘ z j p carbon dioxide band about 60 O … The heaters in the main case now consist of t\vo 30 IY,nichrome heater mats, since the … … and alloivedfor in this region in accuratequantitative \York by the use of a mica shutter in the …
  • Repeater design for the Newfoundland¿Nova Scotia link
    In general, the design is such that the combination will give a loop loss of at least 40 dB in the working band (to reduce rolls in the gain characteristic), and 20 dB at all frequencies (as a guard against instability) even … … A- and B-end power separating filters, and passes through the amplifier valve heaters and a chain … Silvered- mica capacitors and carbonyl-iron dust-cored inductors are used.
  • Texture Evolution and Twinning During the Expansion of Hot Extruded AZ31 + Sr Seamless Tubes
    A uniform 623 K (350 °C) temperature across the die pieces was achieved using a ceramic insulated band heater and kept constant at that temperature for 30 min- utes. … 18 mm high 12 mm diameter pure copper cylinders were machined out of rolled bars (not annealed … Boron nitride powder and Mica plates were used to minimize the friction between the compressing anvils and …
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