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  • Investigation and optimization of the parameters of a setup with a high-frequency inductively coupled plasma for emission spectral analysis of solutions
    ...switchLqg-on of the atomization system due to the insufficient precision of the rotameters , which are included... For this reason, for prolonged continuous analytic work involving switching -off and switching-on of the atomization... ...a very promising light source for emission spectral analysis of solutions, which has a number of advantages over other sources: possibility of determining a wide range of elements with different properities over a... ...range of concentrations, low limits of detection, good reproducibility...
  • Experimental study of variations in the thickness of a liquid film moving over the inner surface of a rotating cylinder
    Since the tachometer generators have a rather high error referred to the upper limit of measurements (up to 4%), the system for controlling the rotation frequency was provided with a switch of channels, which divided the entire range of the output signal... The model liquid from tank 8 was carried through rotameter unit 7 by branch pipe 5 at...
  • Environmental and developmental controls over the seasonal pattern of isoprene emission from aspen leaves
    In all cases background concentrations were below the 1-ppbv detection limit . ...Li-Cor cuvette, measuring photosynthesis rate in the closed flow mode, toggling a switch (supplied by Li... Flow rate in the open mode was measured with a rotameter inserted into the air line going into the cuvette.
    Yokogawa Corp. of America, Newnan, GA, offers the Glass Rotameter RAGN that resists highly corrosive media and... The measur- ing glass tube is equipped with a scale highlighted by a yellow back- ground and... The modular design limit switches indicate minimum or maximum flow alarms.
  • Continuous alpha-amylase production using Bacillus amyloliquefaciens adsorbed on an ion exchange resin
    ...and (B) non-growth media reservoirs; (C) media saturation vessel; (D) pressure gauge; (E) immobilized cell column; (b-) graduated cylinder for liquid flow measurement; (G) effluent liquid dis- solved oxygen measurement vessel with dissolved oxygen probe; (H... ...and (K) air feed rotameters The influent oxygen partial pressure and flow rate were controlled in order to maintain the effluent dissolved oxygen concentration above 2.0 mg O2/1 (thus ensuring that oxygen did not become lim- ited ). The overgrowth of cells within the fermentor was con- trolled by intermittantly switching between growth and non...
  • Continuous indirect calorimetry—a laboratory simulation of a new method for non-invasive metabolic monitoring of patients under anaesthesia or in critical care
    Systems such as this can be automated to provide ongoing measurement (Vartuli et al 2002), but need repeated switching of gas sampling to achieve this, which limits the frequency of measurement and precludes truly continuous gas exchange monitoring. The system described here uses the fresh gas rotameters for control, regulation and measurement of the gas... ...principles, in a patient receiving an O2–air mixture, attached to a breathing system with total fresh gas...
  • Instruments, electronics and automation exhibition, 1957: A preview
    Included in the display of Rotameter flow- meters will be the metric series, based on interchangeable tubes... The Ekstrom liquid level indicator, fitted with the magnetic-coupled limit switches now available, will be shown working. . Flowmeters. .
  • Analytical Flame Photometry: New Developments
    ...for flame photometers, for instance: the use of a manometer in parallel with a rotam- eter to extend the range of the latter; bypasses to suppress the zero, switch the range, or increase the range of a rotameter ; critical-flow nozzles that... It would comprise only two pressure gages with a critical-flow nozzle be- tween. ...atomizer would then be revealed as a rise of downstream pressure, but, within limits , the system would...
  • Forced Convective Boiling of Ethylene Glycol/Water Mixtures Inside a Small Tube
    ...meter ͑Flowdata, Inc., Model ES02SS-6FM-DL-102-00/Model MR10-1A3A͒, and a rotameter ͑Omega Engineering, Inc... ...of an American Iron and Steel Institute ͑AISI͒ type 304 stainless steel tube with a 4.572... The wall temperature ͑T5͒ was measured and then fed to a high-temperature limit switch ͑Omega Engineering, Inc., Model CN76030͒ that would terminate power to the preheater when a preset upper-temperature limit was reached.
  • Plutonium Finishing Plant (PFP) Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR) [SEC 1 THRU 11]
    The 4.1 kW furnaces have an operating temperature range of ambient to 1093 "C. with CO, purge systems that are used to dilute butene, which could... ...while processing PRF sludge to 5 25% of the lower flammability limit (WHC 1996a). station consists of a cabinet that houses two liquid CO, cylinders. manifold automatically switches to the second... The flow rate is indicated on rotameters and differential pressure gauges.
  • Journal of Aircraft > Nose Blowing for Side Force Control on Slender Cones at High Incidence
    The jet velocity was calculated from the volumetric flow rate measured by the rotameter ; this exercise was... Provision was made to switch on and off the jet flow as needed. 4) Limited surface flow visualization studies using titanium dioxide in oleic acid and vacuum oil were carried out on the 12 deg cone model with dJ ˆ 1:0 mm; these were done only at selected flow conditions.
  • ISA AUTOMTN SYS INST DICT - Automation, Systems, and Instrumentation Dictionary varying the cross section of a flow path through the meter, such as in a piston meter or rotameter . constant-load balance A... ...scaling resistor in parallel with the potentiometer circuit. constant... ...the high- and low- limit indications set and is... / context switching multitasking .
  • Chapter 2 Hardware Section 2.2 Sensors
    The most known type is the taper tube and float flowmeter also known as a rotameter . The variable flowmeter is especially attractive for laboratory applications and is also frequently used in industry together with electric limit switches .