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  • Sponge wrings cost from MR-fluid devices
    cycling machines. Active-vibration-control seats for large, Class 8 trucks reduce driver fatigue, adjustable-rate shock absorbers improve race car handling, and pneumatic actuators fitted with feed-back-controlled rotary brakes and linear dampers move loads more precisely than previously possible
  • Product Highlight: NET/MASS (R) Liquid Filling Machines
    meters include a wide range of servo-driven rotary pumps (Oden Pro/Fill 1000, 3000, 6000) based on system flow rate requirements, product characteristics, and application requirements. Gravity (Oden Grav/Tronic) and pressure (Oden Digibar) architectures also available in standard configurations

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  • Automotive Mechatronics: Operational and Practical Issues
    Absorbing (damping) is the mechatronic control of motion or oscillation, as seen with the use of fluidical (hydraulical or pneumatical) gates and valves in an automotive vehicles’ shock absorber ; this may also vary, intention- ally or unintentionally; like spring rate, the optimal... AC-DC commutator - The commutator is a mechanical AC-DC rectifier; for a rotary DC-AC commutator...
  • Design, Modeling and Analysis of Implementing a Multilayer Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesting Mechanism in the Vehicle Suspension
    ...10.1088/0964-1726/19/4/045003 [11] R. Rajamani and J. K. Hedrick, “Performance of Active Automotive Suspensions with Hydraulic... [12] S. N. Avadhany, “Analysis of Hydraulic Power Trans- duction in Regenerative Rotary Shock Absorbers as Func- tion of Working Fluid Kinematic Viscosity,�? Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, 2009.
  • Electrorheology
    A mechan- ical rotary transducer operates on the same principle of rapid solidification and has been described... Of additional interest to the automotive industry are variable damping devices based on ER fluids. Shock ab- sorbers [42,44] and tunable isolators [41,45] have been designed.
  • ZASMHBA0003009
    Resistance to severe chemicals, low coefficient of friction, and compressibility make fluoropolymers ideal for sealing applications in turbine engines, alternators, and rotary actuators. Automotive . The many uses of ~ include power steering and transmission seals and rings; mechanical control cable and fuel hose linings; head gasket coatings; and shaft, compressor, and shock absorber seals.
  • Fiber Optic Control System Integration program: for optical flight control system development
    In the Moving Case design, part of the case moves with the code plate, in a fashion very similar to that of an automotive shock absorber . The rotary PLC sensor had the particular challenge of working in a -65°F to +335° F temperature...
  • Design and testing of a MRF rotational damper for vehicle applications
    33 171–88 [22] Linder J E et al 2003 Double shock absorber utilizing electro and magnetorheological fluids Int. J. Veh. Des. 41 379–91 [24] Biasiotto M and Butera F 2002 Adaptive rotary damper based on magnetorheological fluid for automotive applications Proc. 8th Int. Conf. on New Actuators (Bremen) pp 577–80 [25] Takesue N, Furusho J and Kiyota Y 2004 Fast response MR-fluid...
  • Manufacturing and characterization of magnetorheological fluids
    Linear shock absorbers were constructed to replace the current passive automotive shock absorbers . They utilized a rotary shock absorber configuration coupled with MR fluid as an adaptive suspension system.
  • Identification of Dynamic Systems
    For rotary drives, Held (1989, 1991) has developed a special parameter estima- tion method that correlates the... The estimation of friction of ball bearings in robot drives was shown by Freyermuth (1991, 1993) and the friction of automotive suspension shock absorbers by Bußhardt (1995) and Weispfenning (1997).
  • Investigation of the passive electromagnetic damper
    ...electromagnetic suspension actuator in which a ball screw mechanism was used to convert rotary motion into linear... Experimental verification of energy-regenerative feasibility for an auto- motive electrical suspension system was carried out in [24]. Due to the several advantages such as high responsiveness, energy saving performance, controllability, etc., EMD (ball screw shock absorber ) is attracting much interest nowadays.
  • The Shock Absorber Handbook 2nd Edition Complete Document
    [46] Duym S. W. R. (2000) Simulation Tools, Modelling and Identification, for an Automotive Shock Absorber in the Context of Vehicle Dynamics, ‘Vehicle System Dynamics’, 33, 261–285. [51] Els P. S. and Holman T. J. (1999) Semi-Active Rotary Damper for a Heavy Off...
  • The Shock Absorber Handbook - References
    [46] Duym S. W. R. (2000) Simulation Tools, Modelling and Identification, for an Automotive Shock Absorber in the Context of Vehicle Dynamics, ‘Vehicle System Dynamics’, 33, 261–285. [51] Els P. S. and Holman T. J. (1999) Semi-Active Rotary Damper for a Heavy Off...
  • Meeting the Technology Management Challenges in the Automotive Industry
    An example is Delphi Automotive Systems' Galileo™, which is the world's first production brake-by- wire system. • Damper-by-wire features four rotary position sensors to monitor the four corners of the vehicle. The system then controls actuation of shock absorbers on a real-time basis to provide adequate damping.
  • The Shock Absorber Handbook - Chapter 9 ER and MR Dampers
    Again, the possible application to a rotary automotive damper is clear to modern eyes. The Shock Absorber Handbook .
  • Actively damped passenger car suspension system with low-voltage electrorheological magnetic fluid
    the rotary shock absorber vanes as a function of the applied magnetic field. ERM fluid meets all ofthe criteria necessary for automotive applicabons, including low voltage and low power consumption.