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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ENC1J-D28-L00128L Digi-Key Bourns Inc. Sensors, Transducers ENCODER OPTICAL ROTARY 128 CPR
EVE-GC1F2024B Digi-Key Panasonic Electronic Components Sensors, Transducers 12MM ROTARY ENCODER W/DIE CAST
E6A2-CS5C 100P/R 0.5M Digi-Key Omron Automation and Safety Sensors, Transducers ENCODER ROTARY 12-24V 100RES .5M
E6A2-CS5C 200P/R 0.5M Digi-Key Omron Automation and Safety Sensors, Transducers ENCODER ROTARY 12-24V 200RES .5M
E6A2-CWZ3C 100P/R 0.5M Digi-Key Omron Automation and Safety Sensors, Transducers ENCODER ROTARY 5-12V 100RES .5M
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  • Rotary encoders for motors
    times a special sensor called an encoder is attached to the motor shaft to monitor rpm. Encoders generate one or more series of pulse trains that feed to the motor-drive electronics. From these pulses, the drive determines motor rpm, direction of rotation, and even the amount of rotation far more
  • Mercury Encoders: Alignment of Rotary Scales (.pdf)
    This document describes two different methods of aligning rotary scales; 1. optically centering the grating pattern track using a CCD camera; 2. using two sensors to "electrically" center the grating.
  • Industrial encoder integrates bearing and sensor functions
    for automotive ABS applications, eliminates the need for an extra gear-tooth sensor or rotary-pulse generator. Simple bolt-on installation requires no extra brackets or couplings, and the air gap reportedly can't go out of adjustment. The sensors are built on Fafnir Survivor PT bearing platforms, which
  • How To Substantially Reduce Encoder Cost While Gaining Functionality With Multi-Turn Rotary Position Sensors (.pdf)
    Many applications require rotation counters that can measure angles greater. than 360º. However the low-cost 10-turn potentiometers most design engineers. are familiar with can't always meet user requirements for resolution and reliability. As an alternative, optical absolute encoders are too
  • Motion Control and Encoder Technology: A Tutorial
    reliable feedback within the process loop. Optical rotary encoders are the most widely used method of transforming mechanical rotary motion into electrical output. Within this classification of encoders are three basic configurations: incremental, absolute, and multi-turn absolute encoders. Containing
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Encoder Sensing Technologies, Motion Detection Theory and Methods, and Signal Output Styles
    Encoders are used to determine the position, velocity and direction of a motor shaft or other mechanical motion. They provide information required for the precise control of a variety of applications, such as positioning a rotary table, pick and place, machine assembly, packaging, robotics and more
  • Finding the right sensor for linear displacement
    outage as before. Conversely, incremental sensors, such as encoders, cannot make meaningful measurements after power outages until they are rezeroed or returned to a "home" position. Although most of the sensing technologies discussed here can be used in rotary and angular-position sensing, we
  • Position Sensors and Position-Sensing Instruments
    resistive, optical triangulation, photoelectric, position displacement, ultrasonic, and variable resistance technology sensors. Position-sensing instruments also include laser micrometers, linear encoders, linear potentiometers, and linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs). Rotary position

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