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  • Rotary Knife Cut-Off System
    of two conveyors, a transfer slide and lift/gripper mechanism similar to the diagram shown. Equip each conveyor and ball screw transfer mechanism with the Emerald Series SERCOS servo packages controlled by the EMC-2100 Emerald automation controller. Establish a communication link to the packaging
  • Application Note: Sensors and Switches Used in Valve Actuators and Valve Positioners (.pdf)
    A valve actuator is a pneumatic or electric mechanism used in process control systems to automatically open or close valves. Potential Applications: Valve actuators can be used with either linear or rotary valves in industrial, medical, food and beverage, and transportation applications.
  • Stepper Linear Actuators Simplified
    What is a "linear actuator"? It is actually a simple stepper motor with a built-in leadscrew to directly convert rotary motion in form of discrete steps, into linear motion. Achieving linear motion internal to the motor eliminates the cost of designing a separate transmission mechanism
  • High-res moves
    Nanomotion motors work by generating ultrasonic standing waves. When motor elements are preloaded (compressed) against a bearing structure, the motor works as a friction drive, pushing a mass to produce linear, rotary, or spherical motion depending on the coupling mechanism. Many fields
  • ATLANTA Rack & Pinion Drives Featured in Motion Systems Design Magazine Article
    The November 2011 issue of Motion Systems Design Magazine features ATLANTA Rack and Pinion Drives in an article titled "Separating Rack & Pinion Myths From Reality". Rack and pinion drives are an age-old mechanism widely used for converting rotary motion into linear motion. However, myths
  • Low Cost Automation Tutorial: The Flow of Low Cost Automation (LCA) Concept - 3 (The Flow of Mechanical LCA)
    An LCA element "Mechanical cam/link mechanism" appeared as schemes to repeatedly produce mass quantities of goods (Ford-ism) developed. This was an advancement from the first generation LCA elements of rotary to linear motion conversion to use as labor, and the advancement was based on the human
  • Medical Device Link .
    Tubing cutter features variable feed rates Flexibility is one of the key characteristics of a rotary-blade tubing cutter. The WC600D unit from (Syracuse, NY, USA) is designed to cut flexible nylon-reinforced polyurethane and PVC hose, rubber hose, and other materials measuring between 12.7 and 28.5
  • Setting the stage for good machine design
    mechanism and so a thorough evaluation of these components is critical to project success. The application will define whether the positioning stage is linear, rotary, or incorporates a combination of stages into a multiaxis system. Even in fairly straightforward single-axis applications, there

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