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Parts by Number for Rotary Shock Absorber Top

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  • Miniature Shock Absorbers Decelerate Big Loads at Low Speeds
    the piston and inner tube into a single component, the piston tube, which both creates and controls, pressure. Potential applications include rotary actuators, rodless cylinders, conveyors, pick-and-place operations and slides. The Series uses a bladder-type accumulator to keep internal components
  • Zero-Max Composite Disc Coupling Provides Increased Torque Requirements to M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank New Air Filtration System
    A Customized Coupling. The Abrams tank employs an air-cooled turbine engine which allows it to hit 41.5 miles per hour battle-loaded at 69 tons. The torsion-bar suspension, rotary shock absorbers and extra long tracks guarantee a smooth ride and an ability to abandon highways and roll across tricky terrain
  • Precise Injection Control (Medical Design Technology)
    the linear transducer was installed originally to pro-. joint replacement, as well as annulus and nucleus repair and regenera-. vide power-up position information and calibrate a rotary incremental. tion. One type of spine arthroplasty, called disc arthroplasty, has been encoder on the drive motor
  • Interactive designer configures pneumatic systems
    New engineering tools and components speed pneumatic-system design and boost productivity. An online Interactive Designer aids in sizing and selecting Bosch Rexroth's Rexmover rodless cylinders. The program also handles standard cylinders, shock absorbers, rotary actuators, and clamping devices
  • Sponge wrings cost from MR-fluid devices
    cycling machines. Active-vibration-control seats for large, Class 8 trucks reduce driver fatigue, adjustable-rate shock absorbers improve race car handling, and pneumatic actuators fitted with feed-back-controlled rotary brakes and linear dampers move loads more precisely than previously possible
  • Medical Device Link .
    electronics designs. Mechanical Actuators. Actuators provide a method of converting a motor's rotary motion into linear motion. Options include leadscrews, ball screws, rack and pinion, or belt/cable/chain drives. Some actuators have backlash and all have finite levels of torsional and axial stiffness
  • Mechanical Motion Keeps Pace
    of importance but to a lesser degree was torque control. Control the Turns. SLM and SLG rotary actuators with Class I, Div. 2 certification are suited for operating quarter-turn or multi-turn valves or shaft drive dampers. Directly coupled shaft-to-shaft, these actuators eliminate cumbersome mechanisms needed
  • Product Highlight: NET/MASS (R) Liquid Filling Machines
    meters include a wide range of servo-driven rotary pumps (Oden Pro/Fill 1000, 3000, 6000) based on system flow rate requirements, product characteristics, and application requirements. Gravity (Oden Grav/Tronic) and pressure (Oden Digibar) architectures also available in standard configurations

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