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  • Description: experimental results such as size effects and stress gradient effects. This paper addresses the stress gradient effect issue. A new non local multiaxial fatigue approach is proposed and applied to rotating bending and fretting experiments. The proposal takes as a starting point the rotating bending

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  • Supplier: IHS ESDU

    Description: ESDU 04019 presents endurance data for high-strength steels. The results of more than 10 000 constant-amplitude fatigue tests, on plain and notched specimens subjected to rotating-bending, plain-bending and axial loading, are presented in the form of curves of alternating stress versus endurance

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  • Description: Accutek's mechanical testing qualifications include: - Tensile (ounces to 60,000+ lbs) - Fatigue (axial, bending, torsion, roller chain) - Rotating Beam - Charpy Impact (NIST Certified) - Hardness (micro to Brinell, including Shore A) - Abrasion (Taber, micro-motion, porous coating) - Torque

    • Capabilities: Hydraulics
    • Capabilities: Testing / Simulation, Certification, Component / Product Comparison, Engineering / Design Verification (DVT), Failure Analysis / Troubleshooting, Evaluation / Inspection, In-process / In-line Testing, Reliability / Robustness, Test Development, Test Fixtures / Equipment, Test Panel / Sample
    • Forms Tested / Certified: Components / Parts, Products, Facilities / Capital Equipment, Samples / Fluids, Other
    • Services Offered: Aging / Life Testing, Fatigue / Endurance, Flow Testing, Leak / Seal, Mechanical / Structural (Statics), Performance Testing, Safety / Liability Testing, Vibration, Specialty / Other

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  • Description: resistance, stress rupture, and fatigue limit. How Element experts conduct mechanical testing The instruments and machinery you'll find in a Element mechanical testing department may include universal test machines, microhardness testing and hardness testing machines, bend and fatigue machines, as well

    • Capabilities: Component / Product Testing, Component / Product Comparisons, Certification / Qualification, Engineering Verification Testing, Evaluation and Analysis, In-Process In-Line Testing, Performance Testing, Reliability / Robustness, Test Development, Test Fixtures / Equipment, Test Panel / Sample Prep
    • Forms Tested: Components / Parts, Products (Equipment / Devices), Samples / Materials
    • Test Services Offered: Tensile, Creep / Stress Relaxation, Fatigue / Cyclic, Flexure / Bending, Impact Toughness, Shear / Torsion
    • Industry Applications: Aerospace / Avionics, Appliances, Automotive, Building & Construction, Battery / Energy Products, Coatings / Paint, Electrical / Electronics, Food / Drugs, Health Care / Medical, HVAC, Instruments / Sensors, Marine, Materials, Nuclear / Utility, Paper / Plastic Packaging, RF / Wireless

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  • Description: Designed specifically for the rigorous demands of the turbo-machinery industry, the Ameriflex multiple convoluted diaphragm coupling was introduced in 1971. Since that time, rotating equipment has continued to demand lighter weight and more powerful couplings. Ameriflex couplings are able

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