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  • What Matters is the Inside! - Modern Rotating Unions
    "Cooling water has to get into the rollers and out again. Rotating unions, sealing heads, rotary joints how ever these parts are called, they all nearly look the same and are of equal sealing quality...", some may think. In the beginning this is right, but after a short time already the differences
  • What Matters is the Inside! - Modern Rotating Unions Reduce Maintenance Intervals
    , hydraulic oil in handling machines etc. Some machine operators or maintenance personnel may think: "The fluid has to get into the rotating part and out again. Rotating unions, sealing heads, joints and however they are called; all these things nearly look the same and are all of equal sealing
  • Hot-Media Rotating Unions with SAE Flange- A Lot of Advantages for Users
    The requirements that the new Hot-Media Rotating Unions with SAE-flange have to meet are shorter assembly time, secure sealing and increase of service life in the field. These rotating unions are especially designed for the use in calendars, in paper and plastic machines as well as in machines
  • Fiber Optic Rotary Joints
    Fiber optic rotary joints (FORJ) are similar in function to electrical slip rings. Essentially, both allow transmission of a signal (optical or electrical) between two aligned cables (or system components),one or both of which is rotating along its axis. These signals can carry video, audio, data
  • A Rotating Valve for High Pressures (.pdf)
    of 20,000 psi, and is operated by instrument air applied through a slip joint.
  • High-Speed Data Transmission and Rotary Platforms: Slip Rings, Fiber Optic Rotary Joints, and Multiplexers
    aggregate data rates of 1.0+ Gbit / sec. To accomplish these data speeds, system designers are integrating high-speed copper and fiber optic transmission lines into their harness assemblies. There are two areas on vehicles where circuits carrying high-speed data must transfer across rotating surfaces
  • Sleek designs hinge on strong rotary joints
    on a rotating shaft, used to produce variable or reciprocating motion in another mating part. Stainless steel is used for strength and performance of flipand-twist hinges for cell phones. Additionally, the design freedom associated with MIM coupled with miniaturization of cellular phone components gives
  • The Joint Strike Fighter: A plane for all reasons
    engine turns the counter-rotating blades in the fan by a shaft and clutch to generate 18,000 lb of vertical thrust. The JSF's clean undercarriage and internally carried weapons reduce the plane's radar signature. The JSF flies beside another aircraft as it undergoes flight testing. The JSF tests its

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  • Vaulters lexicon physiotherapy
    … f (E cyclists groin); Syn: narrow corresponding syndrome of the strip; formation externa wheel joint nt of connective tissue * in the vessel wall of the Ateria of iliaca (E rotary joint); Syn: swivel joint; Articulatio trochoidea; joint turning about a longitudinal axis …
    Each gripper is connected to the arm by a rotating joint (the gripper joint), which enables the gripper to align with a truss in various orientation.
  • Tensile Fracturing in Rocks
    To correlate joints in the south-dipping limb with the control sample, Engelder and Peacock (2001) rotated joints to their attitude in horizontal bedding.
  • Orthopaedic Biomechanics
    In the limb/joint systems, tendons transmit forces to bones, and several muscle- tendon units are arranged at each joint to generate torques to rotate joints and pro- duce movement.
  • Intelligent Robotics and Applications
    This prosthetic hand has 5 degree of freedom, 15 rotating joints and can handle all control algorithms in a high integrity control system.
  • Intelligent Robotics and Applications
    Joint 2, with an attached rotation joint , rotates around the z-axis to support the shoulder joint’s hori- zontal flexion and extension.
  • Pro Java™ 6 3D Game Development
    // rotation joint names (used by Grabbers) public static final int X_JOINT = 0; public static final int Y_JOINT = 1; public static final int Z_JOINT = 2; public static final int FING_JOINT = 3; .
  • Robot Mechanisms
    The first mechanism represents a situation where actuation of the rotation joint R is accomplished through the translation T.