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Parts by Number for Rotor Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ROTOR PLC Radwell Generic Electrical Not Provided ROTOR ASSEMBLY
ROTOR National Microchip CHRYSLER V-8 Not Provided 88-93
ROTOR National Microchip FORD TRK 84-94 V-8 Not Provided W/EEC-IV
ROTOR331X National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
ROTOR CABLE National Microchip 5 CONDUCTOR 20AWG Not Provided Not Provided
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  • Rotor Testing with MCE (.pdf)
    How often have you been in a situation where you have to determine whether a rotor problem exists and the only indication you have is rotor bar pass frequency and a gut feeling. Squirrel cage induction rotors can be one of the toughest things to analyze. Few methods exist that instill
  • Copper Shines in Motor Rotors
    Use of rotors cast from copper brings efficiencies that let small motors handle big jobs. * Induction motors employing copper rotors can be smaller than equivalent versions with aluminum rotors. * Copper rotors exhibit lower losses than aluminum which lets them run cooler and be more efficient
  • The Art of Manufacturing Motor Rotor Castings
    flowing in the rotor that are induced by alternating currents flowing in the stator. The combined electromagnetic effects of the stator and rotor currents produce the force to create rotation.                     . Rotors consist of a laminated cylindrical iron core made of High Energy Magnetic
    Critical surface inspection. under high magnification is. needed to assess the quality of. edge preparation of individual rotor. straps. These straps are later. stacked to make "strap packs",. whose function is to hold helicopter. rotor blades to their rotor heads. The carefully polished
  • Rotor Stator Mixer Design Shifts Into High Gear
    generator does not include a rotor (or several rows of rotors) with conventional blades. Instead, the rotor and stator are comprised of many concentric rows of intermeshing teeth. The mix material begins at the center of the generator and moves outward through radial channels cut in the rotor
  • Grinding Turbine Rotors Has Advantages
    abrasive and bonding technologies, the systems approach produced remarkable results when applied to grinding turbine rotor root-form slots.
  • Brake Rotor Testing Using Capacitance Sensors
    , and the safety of others. Most don't realize the extensive design and testing that goes into braking systems to insure we stop in time. Take the brake rotor for example (see figure 1). Under normal operating conditions it is subjected to extreme temperatures and forces, which causes rotor distortion
  • Scale Up of High Shear Rotor-Stator Mixers
    represents the first step in exploring the particular benefits of rotor/stator technology for a given application. This familiar laboratory tool is generally equipped with a variety of interchangeable attachments that allow it to operate in a variety of mixing modes - as a conventional HSM, as a propeller

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