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  • Production of Flavor Emulsions
    action of the rotor/stator workhead hydrates and disperses the. powdered ingredients and forms the emulsion as follows: Stage 1. Stage 2. Stage 3. The continuous phase is. The powdered ingredients. The combined intake and. pumped/metered into the. are de-agglomerated in the. expulsion of ingredients
  • Production of Cream Liqueurs
    ingredients into the workhead. The materials are subjected to intense shear in the. confined area of the workhead. Agglomerates are. broken down in the gap between the rotor blades. and stator wall. A lump-free mixture is rapidly obtained. The product is forced out of the stator and returned
  • Production of Flavored Milk Drinks
    between the rotor blades. and stator wall. A lump-free mixture is rapidly. obtained. The product is forced out of the stator as fresh. material is drawn into the workhead. A circulatory. mixing cycle develops in which all the material passes. thr. FOOD. ough the Silverson workhead. The Advantages
  • Mixing NanoCeramics and Other NanoMaterials
    and efficient way. of introducing nanoclays into caprolactam. Melted caprolactam. (150 lbs) was recirculated through an inline high-shear mixer. with a powder injection SLIM system (a modified rotor/stator. style mixer designed to generate its own vacuum for drawing. powders right into the mix chamber
  • A Quest for Clean Mixing
    Shear Mixers can produce sub-micron emulsions and. dispersions, faster than any other rotor/stator mixer and far more efficiently than a high-. pressure homogenizer or a colloid mill. Throughput rates of a similarly powered X-Series. or MegaShear ultra-high shear mixer design are much greater than
  • Manufacture of Cloud Emulsions for Soft Drinks
    shear action of. the rotor/stator workhead hydrates and disperses the powdered ingredients and. produces a finely dispersed pre-emulsion as follows: The vessel is charged with liquid and the mixer is. started. The powdered ingredients are then added. The high speed rotation of the rotor blades creates
  • Mixing Emulsions Made Easy (.pdf)
    . Starting Particle Size: 71 microns. Particle Size after 1 pass: 6.5 microns (mono-modal). Compared to their existing high-pressure homogenizers (HPH), the inline Ross X-Series. mixers produce higher throughputs (a 6” rotor/stator head produces a flowrate of around. 35 gpm based on water
  • Manufacture of Tomato Sauces and Ketchups
    and dispersed in the. mixer is started.The. the rotor blades and the. same manner.Whole. powdered ingredients are. stator wall.The product is. peeled tomatoes can be. then added. The high. forced out through the. added to sauce mixes. speed rotation of the. stator and returned

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