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  • The Art of Manufacturing Motor Rotor Castings
    Rotors. Winding Assembly. Archives. May 2013. February 2013. January 2013. November 2012. October 2012. June 2012. March 2012. September 2011. May 2011. Arc Systems. © 2013Arc Systems
  • Insulation Testing of HV Rotating Machines
    the connections between the lead and the rings, the slip rings and possibly even the shaft. Hence, it is necessary to monitor and diagnose closely the insulation condition. The accumulation of moisture, dirt and conductive contaminants on the stator insulation will also cause changes in winding insulation
  • AC Synchronous Reluctance Machine for Traction Application
    material is chosen for the rotor. The initial model configuration is shown in this figure which will be iterated to create an optimal design which satisfies the target performance specifications. Click to zoom. Winding Design. The stator winding details of this model are as follows; lap winding, coil
  • Stepping Motors Fundamentals
    step variable reluctance motor. The rotor in this. move in quantified increments or steps. As long. motor has four teeth and the stator has six poles, with. as the motor runs within its torque specification,. each winding wrapped around opposing poles. The. the position of the shaft is known at all
  • Why Motors Fail Part 1.
    . Lack of proper support of the winding can cause vibration between turns, phases and ground at start up. Most motor failures are caused by a combination of various stresses that act upon the stator insulation, bearings and rotor shaft assembly. If these stresses are kept within the design capabilities
  • AC Motors
    A synchronous and synchronous motors are the two main categories of ac motors. The induction motor is a common form of asynchronous motor and is basically an ac transformer with a rotating secondary. The primary winding (stator) is connected to the power source and the shorted secondary (rotor
  • Sensorless Field Oriented Control of PMSM Motors using dsPIC30F or dsPIC33F Digital Signal Controllers
    for current sensing-a crucial function in algorithms use the back-EMF generated in the stator motor control. The dsPIC DSCs feature ADCs that can winding to determine the rotor position. convert input samples at 1 Msps rates, and handle up The dynamic response of six-step control (also called
  • DC Motor Application Considerations
    the context of the application. Motor Commutation: The most common source of EMI problems is the commutation of motors. At each commutation point, when the brush breaks contact with a commutator segment, the energy stored in the motor winding as a magnetic field causes an arc or voltage spike between

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