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  • Patton 2800 Solutions - Corporate Access
    Internet access. And a third T1/E1 line is used by the corporate PBX for voice calls. Problems: a lot of different phone lines and phone numbers, a number of hardware components, and no centralized management. In the Consolidated Patton 2800 Access Solution (below), all the same services
  • Patton 2800 Solutions - Enterprise Networking
    Angeles and Boston branch offices. Because these telecommuters are calling local phone numbers, the company is spared the long distance charges associated with distant telecommuters dialing directly into the corporate headquarters (New York). The two branch office 2800s then route telecommuter
  • Device Could Make For Faster Internet, Better Communications
    Click here for supporting photos. COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Whether you're waiting for a computer to download the latest movie trailer, or just holding for a long-distance phone call to connect, you may one day get faster service as the result of a new device invented by Ohio State University engineers
  • Mathematician Receives Prestigious Prize For Graph Theory
    mathematically, but it 's critical when the nodes are telephone poles, and the lines are phone lines. Robertson and Seymour 's proof of the conjecture led to the development of computer algorithms that efficiently re-route calls around a downed line. Their work is just as applicable to cell phone routing
  • New Mercedes C-Class showcases safety
    monitors traffic on the German autobahns with about 3,800 infrared and ultrasonic sensors. Tegaron transmits traffic congestion warnings to Comand via the Short Messaging Service of the mobile phone network. Comand figures a route around the trouble, displays the new route, then alerts the driver over
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Except for the simplest of medical devices, such as tongue depressors and wheelchairs, there is no direct route to a CE mark--no easy way to win approval to sell that product in the European Union (EU). Many companies on this side of the Atlantic are being
  • Anthrax Sampling
    followed by the growing of a culture and laboratory identification (NIOSH Method 0800). However, a phone call to the NIOSH methods development group in Cincinnati directed us to another method, No. 0900, which was originally designed for sampling for tuberculosis bacteria. This method has
  • Medical Device Link . DSPs: A Growing Option for Medical Applications
    and potentially reaching $50 billion in about 10 years. The real impetus for such growth is, of course, wireless communications and personal electronics CD players, cell phones, telecom switches, HDTV, and the Internet but medical equipment manufacturers have not been left behind. More powerful chips will have

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