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  • Microchip Stack for the ZigBee Protocol
    capability. Certified ZigBee protocol v1.0 compliant platform Support for 2.4 GHz frequency band If you are currently exploring alternatives to your existing control network technologies, such as RS-422, RS-485 Support for all ZigBee protocol device types or proprietary wireless protocol, the ZigBee
  • The State of Industrial Serial Communication
    RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 have a long history in industrial automation. One of Moxa's most experienced engineers discusses the state of these legacy communication standards and how they are integrated in today's industrial communication equipment. Thoughts on industrial serial communication
  • Sensor Sense: Optical data transmission
    adverse effect from ambient light that could interfere with the signal. ODT technology works with any digital signal such as parallel I/O, serial RS-232 and RS-422, and many bus protocols. The most common application consists of one coupler mounted in a stationary position while another coupler
  • RS-485 A Proud Legacy
    data communications standards. They are. the Recommended Standards (RS) from the early 1960s: RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485. Each of. them is stil in use in industrial and laboratory data communications. RS-232 is a single-ended, unbalanced ful -duplex point-to-point communications methodology
  • Designing RS-485 Circuits
    for. multipoint systems that use balanced. lines. RS-485 is similar to RS-422, but. RS-422 allows just one driver with. Designing. multiple receivers whereas RS-485. supports multiple drivers and receivers. The specification document (TIA/. RS-485 Circuits. EIA-485-A) defines the electrical char
  • Medical Device Link .
    ), an RTOS, a TCP/IP stack, and an Ethernet connection to provide a bridge to serial devices with TTL, RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 connections. By encapsulating serial data in network packets and transporting them over an Ethernet network, device servers enable virtual serial links to be established over
  • Asynchronous Communications with the PICmicro (R) USART
    . A discussion of the RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 pro-. • The various families have different interrupt con-. tocols and use of the USART with these communica-. trol registers and the PIC18 parts allow the inter-. tion protocols is also included. rupts to be prioritized. The purpose of this Application Note
  • Medical Device Link .
    , system power up and down, and restart. Technology Challenges Communications via Ethernet, RS-232, or RS-422, etc., with external devices or computers can be monitored and sometimes tested with commercial off-the-shelf test equipment. More often than not, these devices are communications monitors
  • Fiber Optic Solutions from S.I. Tech, Inc.
    . 2130 / 2131 / 2132. . USB to Fiber Serial Interface. . Data rates 300bps to 3Mbps dependent on. connecting product. . Compatible with fiber interface found on many. S.I.Tech serial data links. RS-232: 2005, 2505, 2507, 2617. RS-422: 2106, 2116, 2140, 2866. RS-485: 2110, 2128. UL/CE/FCC/ISO9001-2008/RoHS
  • RS485
    with the RS422 interface and provides a two-wire bus topology. Using an RS485 two-wire bus provides a very inexpensive network system; however, RS485 defines only the electronic signal specifications. Consequently, users must define the software protocol for RS485 two-wire communications.

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