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  • RS485

    RS485 is almost identical to RS232 except that transmissions are three-way rather than two-way. RS485 is often used in applications where a single controller needs to control multiple devices. Up to 64 devices may be connected with RS485. An enhanced version of RS422, RS485 is compatible

  • Serial Interface (RS232, RS422, RS485)

    Serial interfaces transmit data one bit at a time. Common standards include RS232, RS422, and RS485. The RS232 standard is approved by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) for connecting serial devices. The device that connects to the interface is called data communication equipment (DCE

  • Designing RS-485 Circuits

    -. acteristics of the line and its drivers. and receivers. There are brief sugges-. tions relating to terminations and. wiring, but there’s no discussion of. connector pinouts or software proto-. cols (as there is for RS-232). An RS-485 network can have up to. 32 unit loads, with one unit load equiva-. lent

  • The Elements of an RS-422 and RS-485 System

    the important aspects. of RS-422/485 system design. BLACK BOX®. - System configuration. - Cabling selection. - Transient protection. - Software. - Device seletion. RS-422 and RS-485 Optical. RS-232↔RS-422/485. USB Hubs (RS-232/422/485). Isolator/Repeater. DIN Rail Converter. 724-746-5500

  • RS-485 A Proud Legacy

    data communications standards. They are. the Recommended Standards (RS) from the early 1960s: RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485. Each of. them is stil in use in industrial and laboratory data communications. RS-232 is a single-ended, unbalanced ful -duplex point-to-point communications methodology

  • Eliminate the Risk of RS-485 Data Corruption

    The RS-485 communications standard was introduced in 1983 by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) as a two-wire, half-duplex, multi-drop alternative to the point-to-point RS-232 interface. (Note: RS-485 can also be wired using 4-wires to enable full-duplex communication). RS-485 uses

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  • Zuken Launches Entry-level PCB Design Bundle for $999

    WESTFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zuken has launched an entry-level schematic and PCB design bundle as part of the CADSTAR family of products. CADSTAR Essential is a complete schematic and PCB design tool suite that allows PCB designers and engineers to download software, learn the basics and start designing as quickly as possible. Priced at $999, CADSTAR Essential offers a single design environment with a common GUI for core PCB design activities such as schematics, library creation, routing a

  • Serial Comm: Use P/Invoke to Develop a .NET Base Class Library for Serial Device Communications

    Out-of-the-box, the only way of coding RS232 serial communications applications in the .NET environment is to import the outdated and somewhat limited MSComm ActiveX control. This article describes the development of a lean, multithreaded, and modern RS232 base class library in C# managed code. The library uses Platform Invocation Services to interact with the Win32 API directly. Application programmers can use the library from any .NET language through inheritance; the article explores examples written in C# and Visual Basic .NET.John HindMSDN Magazine October 2002

  • Now You Can Outsource PTC-Related Drawing Changes with Locomotive Schematic Update Service from ZTR

    MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Now you can outsource PTC-related drawing changes with Locomotive Schematic Update Service from ZTR.

  • EPLAN updates Data Portal

    The current 470,000 part data, including schematic macros, geometric dimensions and documents, can now be imported to engineering automatically.

  • 0-25mA & 0-100mV Simulator Diagram 24VDC Supply

    Urgent, I need to build a schematic diagram having a 0-25mA & 0-100mV output for calibration(sourcing). The problem is we are required to use 10k potentiometer. We will probably use a selector switch for the 2 options(0-25 & 0-100). You can add other electronic parts in the diagram. Thanks

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Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog
Multichannel RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver

The MAX3232 device consists of two line drivers, two line receivers, and a dual charge-pump circuit with ±15-kV ESD protection terminal to terminal (serial-port connection terminals, including GND). The device meets the requirements of TIA/EIA-232-F and provides the electrical interface between an asynchronous communication controller and the serial-port connector. The charge pump and four small external capacitors allow operation from a single 3-V to 5.5-V supply. The devices operate at...

Glassman Europe, Ltd.
LPC Series - Programmable DC Power Supplies

The LPC series programmable DC power supplies provide stable, variable output voltage and current for a broad range of development and system requirements. Design features include: Universal AC input. High power density, with up to 850 Watts from a half rack 1U chassis. Scalable Analogue Programming. RS232, RS485, USB 2.0, together with Isolated & non-isolated Analogue programming facilities (with optional Ethernet & GPIB). Auxiliary 5V / 15V outputs. Output voltages up to 600Vdc...

Ametek Solartron Metrology
Orbit® LT

Features. Compact Laser Triangulation unit. 15 mm measurement range with 45 mm offset. Teachable settings for different surfaces. 0.1% F.S. Accuracy. 2 μm repeatability, 1 μm resolution. Widest range of available outputs: Modbus,. RS232 or RS485 Serial, USB, Ethernet TCP,. Discrete NPN, PNP & Logic