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Parts by Number for RS485 Interface Chip Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1290-664 ASAP Semiconductor MAXIM Not Provided IC CHIP INTERFACE RS485

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  • Designing RS-485 Circuits
    cause. Instruments SN75176B transceiver. ance than the line, the driver absorbs. the receiver to misread transmitted. that interfaces between RS-485 and. some of the reflection and bounces. logic levels. TTL logic levels. the rest back to the receiver. This. The datasheets for interface chips
  • Interface Solutions for Planar's EL Displays
    panel images. Has a built-in 4 wire resistive touch screen. controller. Alpha Point AP988300 (supports 1 bit and feature connector interface products). This is a single board RS232/RS485 flat panel display controller
  • The State of Industrial Serial Communication
    RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 have a long history in industrial automation. One of Moxa's most experienced engineers discusses the state of these legacy communication standards and how they are integrated in today's industrial communication equipment. Thoughts on industrial serial communication
  • Application Note of 485 isolated Transceiver
    ports. 485 bus nodes commonly use daisy chain or network topology for networking. Once a failure occurs in the interface chip of a node, it is possible to "pull dead " the entire bus. Thus, isolation must be made between bus ports A and B and the bus. Usually a 4~10 O of PTC resistor or 10~47 O
  • Controlling a Tank Filling Operation With Two Liquids for a Food Processor
    is associated with each. control, and an RS-485 serial interface. channel and is used to actuate the sole-. • Arithmetic functions between chan-. List price is only $380. Please see pages noid valve which initiates or stops the. nels A and B, such as A+B, A-B, A*B,. 18-19 of the Laurel Panel Instrumenta
  • Asynchronous Communications with the PICmicro (R) USART
    Many PICmicro microcontroller devices have a builtin USART and it is one of the most commonly used serial interface peripherals. It is also known as the Serial Communications Interface, or SCI. The most common use of the USART is to communicate to a PC serial port using the RS-232 protocol. It has
  • Magnetostrictive Level Sensors by David Nyce and Adrian Totten
    the sensor is specified with a start-stop interface. The time between the. two pulses indicates the location of the float magnet. The signal is 4 to 10 mA, or 1 to 5 volts with 250 ohm. load resistor. Several standard digital communication interfaces are also used: RS485 (Modbus, ASCII), Profibus
  • Medical Device Link .
    are available. They come with various levels of integration, from simple media access controllers (MACs) to chips that have not only the MAC but also the physical layer interface (PHY) electronics. Higher levels of integration incorporate a processor, memory, and a number of other interfaces that allow