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  • Contact Fatigue Tests and Contact Fatigue Life Analysis
    ...tooth geometry and dynamics, operating conditions (load, speed, slide to roll ratio, friction and temperature), materials (steel chemistry, heat treatment, hardness, microstructure, residual stress, surface carbon content, retained austenite, inclusions, etc.), surface finish (Ra, Rq, Rp, Rz, Rsk , waveness, surface capacity, bearing...
  • Silicone hydrogel contact lens surface analysis by atomic force microscopy: shape parameters
    Thus, the present observations indicate that including statistical parameters such as Rku and Rsk when characterizing a contact lens surface will complete the information on the finished quality of the surfaces.
  • Femoral prosthetic heads and their significance in polyethylene wear.
    Our results show that in order to obtain an ideal surface finish a low or not very high Ra value and a negative Rsk value are needed.
  • Femoral prosthetic heads and their significance in polyethylene wear
    Our results show that in order to obtain an ideal sur- face finish a low or not very high Ra value and a nega- tive Rsk value are needed.
  • ZHRSD2002P345
    The C.A.S.E. process (Ref 71) can reduce the relative finishing time and costs, after shot peening, and provide a surface which, in addition to having the compressive stresses from the shot peening, can have Rsk value of as little...
  • Elid superfinishing of spherical bearings
    Evaluating parameters Ra, Rq, Rsk , Rku, Rp, Rv, Rz, Rt, and Rdq, for measurements across, around, as... • A combined measure of surface finish which took the average of the 5 Wyko and added it to the average of the Talysurf surface measurements around and across the ball (totalling 140 finish measurements on 20 balls).
  • Computational Surface and Roundness Metrology
    21 Surface Finish Parameters I: Amplitude, Spacing, Hybrid, and Shape ...z2 and z3. a z1 has zero skew. b z2 is negatively skewed ( Rsk = −0.4972). c...
  • Technical Blogposts on Deburring and Surface Conditioning
    As is typical of most cast, ground, turned, milled, EDM and forged surfaces this surface shows a positive Rsk [ Rsk – skewness – the measure of surface symmetry about the mean line of a profilometer graph. ...surface peaks above this mean line, generally considered to be an undesirable surface finish characteristic from a...
  • New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry
    ...reduction in roughness after deep rolling, irrespectively of the parameters used, however, lowest values are obtained applying p = 100 bar and n = 3 and the further elevation of rolling pressure to p = 200 bar impairs the surface finish probably due to plastic... As far as the hybrid parameters are concerned (Fig. 1c), Rsk is sensitive to occasional high peaks...
  • ZCP2008ITSC0701
    ...pressure 7 bar, machining time 5 min): (a) Cr2O3 asdeposited; (b) Cr2O3 finished; (c) TiO2 asdeposited; (d) TiO2 finished; (e) Tribaloy-800 as-deposited; (f) Tribaloy-800 finished; (g) WC-CO17% as-deposited; (h) WC-CO17% finished RSk turns negative at any... RSk negative means surface profile with prevalently upward material, that is, rather smooth surface.

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