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  • Oil-Resistant Rubbers
    the low-temperature flexibility of natural rubber, which detracts from their use in low-temperature shock or impact applications. General-purpose neoprenes are used in hose, belting, wire and cable, footwear, coated fabrics, tires, mountings, bearing pads, pump impellers, adhesives, seals for windows
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    material emerging from continuous reactor onto moving, Teflon-coated stainless-steel belt. This article describes a new class of biomaterials thermoplastic silicone-polyurethane copolymers that in combining the benefits of silicone rubber and TPU offer the potential for use both in long-term implants
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    and coated in a cleanroom environment to avoid contamination, MF5 leaves no adhesive residue and contains less than 0.4 mg/cm2 of extractable silicone. It is easy to remove, yet adheres strongly to. (Spotlight) Adhesives. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information
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    to the coating formulation, Hanssen explains. Besides making coatings, MCTec has developed a process for adding lubricity to device component surfaces. The company coats cores that are made into balloon catheter hypotubes and various types of guidewires. Manufacturers who make devices out of coated
  • Extrusion Processes
    flows in a precise. copolymer). desired shape. 2. These long chain molecules vary widely in type as well. Two. Examples of extruders products are blown film, pipe, coated paper,. distinct classifications of plastics, which exhibit highly different. plastic filaments for brush bristles, carpet fibers
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    , esophageal stents, biliary stents, and stents for delivery of drugs and radiation. Scope tubes and baskets and wires used for blood-filter devices and emboli-collection devices are also dip coated. Coatings are also used for friction reduction, creation of antimicrobial or antithrombogenic surfaces
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    for designing spur, internal, helical, screw, bevel, and worm gears. Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument, New Hyde Park, NY, USA. Soldering material A solder composed of flux-coated alloy particles produces precise, reliable joints in such hard-to-access areas as blind holes, small cylinders
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    transferred from a glove or contaminated medical device into a wound, cytotoxic and antigenic chemicals can interfere with healing. As the list below suggests, a repertoire of responses exists with this scenario. When powder particles are coated with chemicals, they function as time-release capsules
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    tape. A pressure-sensitive adhesive tape consists of permanent or removable mounting adhesive on double-coated polyester film. The adhesive brings a clean bond to medical devices for mounting foams, polycarbonates, and plastics to glass and other hard surfaces. The tape is resistant to both

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