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Parts by Number for Rulers Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
OE01411 ASAP Semiconductor RULER 18 Not Provided Not Provided
OE01409 ASAP Semiconductor RULER 6 Not Provided Not Provided
182201 PLC Radwell Mitutoyo Not Provided STEEL RULER; LENGTH
182172 PLC Radwell Mitutoyo Not Provided MAGNETIC RULER; LENGTH

Conduct Research Top

  • Using the RULER technology
    Determining the Remaining Useful Lifetime of Lubricating oils using RULER technology" highlights the power of combining RULER with traditional oil analysis tests for a more accurate perspective on the life of industrial lubricants. ./3b42ceba-9e72-4b38-8026-9f136b71719c P R O D U C T I N F O
  • Wired 9.06: Atomic Rulers of the World
    Atomic Rulers of the World (continued) Work like this has attracted more than a thousand of the best scientific and technical minds from around the world. (Whereas Xerox PARC, in its heyday, employed about 300 all told, NIST's research staff alone totals about 1,700.) It has also meant
  • Wired 9.06: Atomic Rulers of the World
    Atomic Rulers of the World Nanoscale optics, quantum computing - the battle for technology supremacy is being fought inside the labs of a national standards agency called NIST. And the new enemy is in the White House. Bill Phillips has taken the "close enough for government work" dodge and turned
  • Recording Reality with 700 Megapixels
    A digital camera would be useful for examining competitor's parts, inspecting hard-to-reach installations, or documenting the scene of an accident. However, you 'd still need a ruler, pencil, and paper to preserve the context of the picture. Unless your camera could take 3D images, that is. Laser
  • An Introduction to the Design and Use of Strain Gage Load Cells - Part 1
    complicated than a coil spring, a pointer to mark the position of the end of the spring, and a ruler-like scale to indicate the deflection, and thus the weight of the fish...
  • Flow Calibration: Heart of Flow Meter Accuracy
    found in tracing back to the NIST "golden ruler. " That is why systematic error is blind to the end user without traceability. Moreover, it should be noted that both precision and systematic error are difficult to eliminate. Precision error can be removed only with the use of the correct
  • Medical Device Link .
    , with through-the-lens pulse train below. Elbow and shoulder torques are on the right. Parameters entered in the text boxes for the subject are located below the plots. One of the early tests was simply putting a ruler at the tip of the load cell and moving the ruler so it would vibrate --just to see
  • Medical Device Link .
    waves that are shorter and finer than sound waves that propagate through any other material. The result is that "basically, the resonators work together, supporting a much higher modulation of the acoustic wave, " says Fang. "They are reacting as a very precise ruler, allowing us to measure