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  • Plastics Consultancy Network - Gates and runners
    It is very easy to forget that plastic melts are not thermally stable over long periods at, or above, melt temperature. Equally, it is as easy to forget that the molten mass is not impervious to the effects of shear. Plastic Melts are not Newtonian in their behaviour. That is they do not react in a
  • One-off Parts by the Thousands
    runner for high torque (short track); and a special restrictor plate design (super speedways). The manifold runners come "roughcast " for modification by teams. NASCAR rules permit unlimited modification to internal passages on short and long-runner manifolds, but limits runner height, opening taper
  • Medical Device Link .
    , and Unigraphics, among others. The modeling of the sprue, runners, gates, and mold cavity is done in CAD, while runner and gate design validation is done in 3D Quickfill, thus preserving the integrity of legacy data. For mold designers, 3D Quickfill is equipped with the ability to simulate hot
  • Banging out balls
    of each orientation cup spins the balls. Around the inside perimeter of a cup is a ramp. As a ball spins the mold runner protrusions catch on this ramp and ride up it, bringing the ball equator to horizontal An improperly oriented ball sits on the runners so it
  • Polyamide goes snowbiking
    runner for steering and brackets for attaching skis to the frame. Snowbikes resemble bicycles but with two runners instead of wheels. Riders wear two short skis on their feet for stability through steep curves. "The demands put on Snowbike components are extreme," says Bernd-Eric Brenter. "They must
  • Tread lightly and carry a biochemical sensor
    Inspired by the strange motion of the basilisk lizard, Carnegie Mellon University mechanical engineers have built a robot that can sprint across land and water with equal aplomb. The Water Runner undergoes testing. Although it is only a basic prototype, the researchers imagine an amphibious Water
  • Medical Device Link .
    Hot-Runner System Suited for Micromolding Designed for small-parts molding, a hot-runner system features as little as 17 mm between nozzle centers, making it suitable for medical micromolding applications. The Stellar system consists of a fully balanced eight-drop multiple-nozzle assembly, seven
  • Case Study: Sloan Valve Company
    By removing the mold runners, they minimized raw material usage, increased tool throughput and extended tool life. Redesign also eliminated the need for regrind of plastic waste. Sloan realized enough ROI in piece-part savings within a few months to pay for retooling.

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