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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
S54279W AmericanMicroSemi AMS Digital ICs:Latches:R-S Type:Quadruple Digital ICs:Latches:R-S Type:Quadruple
S89R11AAC1-24 Allied Electronics, Inc. TYCO ELECTRONICS/P&B Not Provided Relay;E-Mech;Latching;DPDT;Cur-Rtg 15A;Ctrl-V 24AC;Vol-Rtg 277AC;Panel Mount
S89R5AAC1-24 Allied Electronics, Inc. TYCO ELECTRONICS/P&B Not Provided Relay;E-Mech;Latching;SPDT;Cur-Rtg 15A;Ctrl-V 24AC;Vol-Rtg 277AC;Panel Mount
S90R11ABD1-120 Allied Electronics, Inc. TYCO ELECTRONICS/P&B Not Provided Relay;E-Mech;Latching;DPDT;Cur-Rtg 20A;Ctrl-V 120AC;Vol-Rtg 277AC;Panel Mount
S89R5ABD1120 PLC Radwell P&b Panel Accessories, Relay & Socket RELAY LATCHING IMPULSE 120VAC 260-OHMS SPDT
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  • Capacitive Sensing Using Period Method (.pdf)
    This application note is an addendum to the information in the previous capacitive touch sensing application notes, found on Microchip's web site. It builds specifically on AN1101, "Introduction to Capacitive Sensing". This application note focuses on how to use either an SR latch enabled part
  • Capacitive Multibutton Configurations
    of the original 4 FIGURE 1: COMPARATOR C1 SIMPLIFIED BLOCK DIAGRAM C1CH<1:0> C1POL 2 To DQ Data Bus Q1 C12IN0- EN 0 RD_CM1CON0 C12IN1- 1 Set C1IF MUX DQ C12IN2- 2 Q3*RD_CM1CON0 EN To PWM LogicC12IN3- 3 CL Reset (1) C1ON C1R C1VIN- - C1IN+ 0 C1OUTC1 C1VIN+ MUX + C1OUT (to SR Latch) FixedRef 1
  • Introduction to Capacitive Sensing
    oscil ator. Capacitors in parallel are added so a finger approach-. using 2 comparators with an SR latch to change the. ing the pad increases the total capacitance. This. charge direction of the sensing capacitor’s voltage, up. change, as a percentage, is: or down. It will charge and discharge
  • Detecting Small Capacitive Sensors Using the MCP6291 and PIC16F690 Devices
    as described before. Source. The power supply voltages (V. V. DD_DIG and VDD) were. INT. (square wave). assumed to vary between 3.0V and 5.5V. This design. Voltage-to-Current. uses 1% resistors for low cost. The SR latch and. Conversion. Timer1 in U1 time the rise and fall times of the VSEN. triangle
  • Software Handling for Capacitive Sensing
    unaltered capacity of a PIC® device with an. EXAMPLE 2: SIMPLE DETECTION. SR latch. if (raw < average-trip)). // Button pressed. EXAMPLE 4: INDEX SEQUENCING. else. if (index < 3). //Button not Pressed. index++;. else. The variable trip holds a value which is the distance in. index = 0;. counts below
  • Pneumatic Solution Brings Architecture to Life on one of LA's Newest Downtown Buildings
    latch closes as part of the actuator motion and secures the. shelf SR Series cylinder. Additionally, Parker was able to design, manufacture and test the. panel when the cylinder contracts to close the panel. This latch system uses pneumatics. required actuator pivot latch system to accommodate
  • Interfacing SPI TM Serial EEPROMs to PIC16 Devices
    Microchip Technology Inc. DS00909B-page 1. AN909. FIGURE 2: FINITE STATE MACHINE FOR SPI COMMUNICATIONS. Notes: SR <0 >. 1. BC – Byte Count. 2. BP – Button Press. SR <0 >. 3. SR – STATUS Register. S2. 4. PS – Previous State. PS=S2. S3. BP#2. SR <7+3+2 >. SR <1 >. BC <3. PS=S2. S6. SR=7 3. • 2. • 1 0
  • Applications of the TC62X Solid-State Temperature Sensors
    . High Limit. tion of small, easy-to-use temperature sensing. Resistor 3. Amp. -. -. products. Electronic thermal sensors typically generate a voltage. 5. S R. 4. Q. Control. that is proportional to absolute temperature (PTAT). GND. Latch Q. This voltage is then compared to a reference voltage to. R

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