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  • Basic Facts about Electrical Safety Testing (.pdf)
    domestically. Although manufacturers of electrical products are becoming more familiar with electrical safety testing and compliance, many are still unfamiliar with this crucial part of the production process. Basic_Facts. Preface. Electrical safety testing has historically been one of the most
  • Medical Device Link . Regulatory Guidelines For Biocompatibility Safety Testing
    of such materials or components is needed to minimize the potential hazard to the patient. A thorough biocompatibility safety testing program will typically comprise in vivo studies supplemented by select in vitro assays. Photo: Northview Biosciences, Inc. Until recently, the regulations governing
  • Electrical Safety Testing Guide (.pdf)
    are real consequences of doing business today. This document gives you a general understanding of testing product safety. Included are an overview of the regulatory framework, an exploration of specific manufacturing responsibilities, and test procedures associated with electrical safety testing
  • How to Set up a Product Safety Testing Workstation that is Safe for the Operator?
    As an industry leader in electrical safety testing instruments, Associated Research is often called upon as a consultant to interpret various product safety standards and advise manufacturers how to comply with these standards. Most questions are usually directed toward specific applications
  • Electrical Safety Testing Primer
    Product Safety Tests are specified to be performed during the design, development and production stages of electrical products in order to ensure that they meet basic safety requirements. These tests aim to verify that electrical products will not jeopardize the safety of the people, domestic
  • Electrical Safety Testing
    Electricity powers the wheels of industry and commerce, but the dangers associated with the use of faulty electrical tools, appliances and equipment in the workplace can be costly in both human and corporate terms.
    The first of these certifications is the ETL Listed Mark, which indicates that the product complies with U.S. and Canadian product safety standards. The first of these certifications is the ETL Listed Mark, which indicates that the product complies with U.S. and Canadian product safety standards
  • Everything you need to know about safety testing and certification
    What does it take to get a product safety certified and qualified to carry an approval mark? Manager of Certification Business Development, Analytical, and Electronic Products Manager of Certification Business Development, Control, Distribution, and Industrial Equipment Whether you design