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  • What is a Dilution Fitting?
    A typical dilution fitting is a plumbing device that is attached to a gas detection instrument sample inlet port, and then the sample hose is attached to the dilution fitting. When used, the sample flow going into the instrument passes through the dilution fitting. The dilution fitting has 2 small
  • Digestion of Trace Metals in Wastewater Using DEENA, an Automated Sample Digestion System
    DEENA, an automated sample digestion system, alleviates most of the manual sample preparation and produces consistent and accurate analytical results. Manual sample preparation often consists of many steps that are both labor intensive and time consuming. There is often a clear desire
  • Zeta Potential Measurement (Aqueous and Non-Aqueous, Iso-Electric Point Determinations)
    . Therefore, for samples that require dilution prior to measurement, it is important to specify the dilution medium. The effect on the zeta potential of changes in pH, ionic strength and concentration of an additive can be automated to provide information such as the iso-electric point of a sample.
  • Maple Syrup Color Analysis using the Shimadzu UV-2600 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
    spectrophotometer is ideal for making accurate color measurements due to the large photometric range of 5 abs. units. Therefore, dilution is not required for highly absorbing samples such as maple syrup. Samples can be analyzed neat without further dilution. The application illustrates the use
  • * Lubricating Oil Analysis by Benchtop WDXRF According to ASTM D6443-04
    ) spectrometry has become. increasingly popular for quantitative elemental analysis. of base oils as well as additives and lubricant products. thanks to its high precision and simple sample. preparation. With liquids, sample preparation for XRF. typically means pouring the sample into a plastic cup. equipped
  • Sulfur Analysis in Petroleum Products by Benchtop WDXRF According to ASTM D2622-10
    ) spectrometry has been used. for quantitative analysis of sulfur in petroleum products,. owing to simple sample preparation. In XRF analysis of. oil, the sample ¡s simply poured into a plastic cup. equipped with a transparent film without any compli. cated treatment, such as chemical decomposition
  • Medical Device Link .
    as a tool for both R &D and QC. Applications of this method to studies of reagent application, dilution, process development, and device kinetics are also presented. The Principles of Rapid-Flow Testing Rapid-flow immunochromatographic test devices are made up of a number of components, commonly
  • Medical Device Link .
    and the necessary mechanical actuation underneath. This system includes the extraction of proteins from food stuffs, removal of unsolved sample particles, generation of a dilution series and performance of an enzyme linked immunosorbent
  • Measuring trace ionic impurities in ultrapure acids and bases with ion chromatography (Third in a series)
    a stronger eluent required for separating trace ionic contaminants from the sample matrix. As a result, these columns permit direct injection of highly concentrated acids without compromising trace ion detection limits that result from severalfold dilution of the concentrated sample. The application

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