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  • Amendment to 3-A sanitary standards for fittings used on milk and milk products equipment and used on sanitary lines conducting milk and milk products. Serial ... amended, as of 24 Nov. 1970, by deletion of statements in section F following the fitting list and deletion of... ...note on drawings Nos. 3A -100-24 (p. 21... ...of design with the sanitary requirements of supplement 5 of the standard .
  • An identification guide to common fittings and unions in the wine industry.
    The major types of fittings and unions used in Australian wineries are described. These include: the wine thread (Whitehil); BSM British Standard 1864-1952; BSM Modified CIP Kleerkut; Pedco Hygienic Union; Kleanflow...; Kamlock; DIN 11851 standards; SMS Alfon Swedish Standard; International Sanitary Standard/International Dairy Federation Standard (ISS-IDF); 3A Bevel seat union; and...
  • Code of practice for the installation of milking machines and ancillary equipment.
    Plastics in milk contact surfaces must conform to 3A Sanitary Standard No. 2000, and rubberware to NZS 519. A self-draining interceptor (vacuum tank), normally of ≥18 l. capacity, must be fitted on all machines...
  • Assessment of soil degradation in areas of nuclear explosions at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site
    Russian standards on radionuclide activity concentrations in solid waste fit the conclusions drawn on the basis of the biological test “increase in biomass of Chlorella vulgaris Beijerink�? in water extracts to a certain degree only. Let’s compare the sanitary and hygienic standards with the data on soil toxicity obtained with the Allium... ...2)) was found to be power, both in case of Rus sian (Figs. 3a , 3b; table 1...
  • Klamath County geo-heating district feasibility study
    Series HX plates measure 33�? x 9�? and are manu- factured as standard in 20 swg stainless... Ports of 2�? inside diameter have stainless steel liquid bushes and 2�? IPT, sanitary 3A , sanitary ISS,or stainless steel lap joint flanged connections. These include commercially obtainable thermometers, pressure gauges, and steam fittings .
  • Economic growth, longevity and the epidemiological transition
    Eur J Health Econom 2 · 2004172 Fig. 3a ,b ▲Endogenous transition during the neoclassical regime Fig... Thesethree patterns are shown to fit very well the three scenarios of an endogenous transi- tion during... A stage of regenerative and man-made diseases in the twentieth cen- tury corresponds to more precipitous de- clines.Economicfactors(improvementsin standards of living and in nutrition in the... ...the classical transition,but werelateraugmentedinthetwentiethcen- tury by sanitary improvements,followed by medical...
  • Project plan for the decontamination and decommissioning of the Argonne National Laboratory Experimental Boiling Water Reactor
    If an item of LSA waste is too large or heavy to fit into a N- 3A bin and cannot be size reduced readily, alternate packaging will be fabricated as needed which will be acceptable to the receiving disposal site. ...cannot be size reduced and are too large or too heavy to be contained in standard packaging. ...effective to reuse items, sell them as scrap, or bury them in a sanitary landfill rather than...
  • NSLS-II Preliminary Design Report
    Two methods of joining the pipe and fittings are available. Cleanouts will be provided and will follow the same parameters described for the sanitary drainage system. Codes and Standards DOE O5480.4 – Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Protection Standards DOE O413. 3A – Program and...
  • Modification Effects of Hematite with Aluminum Hydroxide on the Removal of Fluoride Ions from Water
    The sampling was performed according with the Mexican Official Standard (NOM-014-SSA1-1993) which sets sanitary procedures for sampling water for human use and consumption water supply systems. The scanning electron microscopy of Fig. 3a , b of unmodified and modified hematite showed small particles of... The data were fitted to kinetic models (Largergren, Elovich, and pseudo-second-order models) by a nonlinear...
  • Freeze concentration of dairy products Phase 2. Final report
    Bearing Bushes: The PVDF bearing bushes which were shrink- fit when assembled came loose. The original flat recrystallizer filter was replacedwith a standard cylindrical filter. Given that the new design did not meet 3A Standards, the new recrystallizer received a temporary one... Sources of these organisms are typically water, animal products, sewage, hospital environments, or poor human sanitary practices.
  • Stochastic key sector analysis: an application to a regional input–output framework
    ...derived from the input–output framework about the various key sectors may have to fit around other methodological... ...table of the 74 sectors are known, and when grouped, the mean and standard deviation values of... In Fig. 3a and b, key sector graphs of the 74 non-aggregated sectors and 22 aggre... Recreation & welfare (s72); Sanitary services (s73); Other services (s74 .
  • Advanced Materials And Coatings For Corrosion Intensive Components At Water Treatment Plants
    System B is particularly well suited for use as a topcoat over the microsilica mortar, and is approved for potable water service according to National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) Standard 611 . Before and after photographs are shown as Figure 3a and Figure 3b. The pipes, valves and fittings were sandblasted to near white metal (SP-10), followed by application of...
  • Corrosion of Aircraft Structures Made of Aluminum Alloys
    ...or to the unforeseen action of corrosive media (transportation of pickled fish, nonhermeticity of sanitary arrangements, etc.). They were formed in the brackets of hinge of motors and flaps, the stanchions of load-bearing frames, the fittings of rejoining of the walls of wing spars, the top... ...brack- ets of hinge of landing-gear posts, etc. (Fig. 3a ). According to the requirements of the Standards of airworthiness [6] and the propositions described earlier [7], one...
  • Residence times of shallow groundwater in West Africa: implications for hydrogeology and resilience to future changes in climate
    ...the Abeokuta study area there were very few functioning hand pumps so boreholes fitted with low-yielding... Only sites with head-works and sanitary seals in good repair were sampled. Analysis was carried out using standard preparation techniques followed by isotope ratio measure- ment on a VG... Statistical analysis (Fig. 3a ) shows certain differ- ences between the four areas and the two lithologies (basement...
  • US Air Force Materiel Command`s second round ECAMP results
    ...8B Receptacles 8C Recycling 8D Others 8E Medicalwaste 8F Regulated Materials Hazardous Waste 3A Accumulation Points 3B... Reports Manifests Lack of a Permit Inadequate/MissingPlan StatePublic Notification Public Notification Fire Standard P1 Operational Practices Sanitary Wastewater discharges (19%)are primarily exceedances of chemicalparameters specifiedin pre-treatment permits. Lack of containmentor faulty fittings for fuel/lubricant dispensers are common.